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what does it mean tho

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is it just a scam to try and squeeze some cash out of boomers and crypto newbies? or is there something more to it and i'm just retarded?

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Useless coins and exit scam tokens pumping up while the real useful ones dumping...

How can we get rid of pajeets ?

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maybe it's different in your country. i'm in USA. here, ortho's are the low iq brainlets of the surgical specialties. they don't know fucking anything about medicine lmao. they can't even manage diabetes or pneumonia and will have to consult out to the medicine service for basically every patient.
they're not the best surgeons either. i guess they're good at resetting bones and shit, but for any procedure that can be done by a different specialty like vascular or trauma, the other docs seem to do it much better.
that being said, ortho docs make like a gazillion dollars here, so maybe they're the only smart ones among us.

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Why did Chainlink ICO?

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Considering the faggotry skyrocketed for the last 5 years, most millenials will need diapers when they are older.

Should I start accumulating or is it too early ?

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Is this because majority of autists dumped their bags on normies and pajeets who swarmed this board?

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20 BTC or 600 ETH Which one would make me a millionaire by 2023?

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social status or intelligence

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Each of you anons on biz is a moron. You are not educated on business and finance and act like a chump with no economic skills.

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when the reality is almost nobody did and almost nobody follows it. I know over 100 people in real life and literally not 1 of them has ever bought crypto or has any clue what the price is doing because they don't follow it at all

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BTC Volume is at a all time high at 21 Billion, yet it is only $5000.

What does this all mean?!?!?!

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why would you hold OMG but not ETH? just curious?

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Anyone notice that last weeks theres always one anon that posts some obscure sketchy ethdelta adress and get 10+ super generic replies that all sound the same.
Which anon is scamming this basket weaving forum with a vpn?

"nice just bought 10eth"
"its literally free money"
"Thanks anon I just went all in on this"

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i bought some bitcoin using my credit card on saturday but they still haven't reserved the money on my bank account yet? when does that happen

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If everyone is expecting btc to go down to 1300 and eaven maybe wick to like 800....than it means that people are mentaly prepared for this....
How can we than have a real capitualtion when everyone is ready for the worst case scenario?

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>my mom quietly knocks on my bedroom door once a week to talk with me
why is this allowed? I'm supposed to answer EVERY single time she knocks on my door?

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If you try to scare somebody, but they didn't scare, then did you scare him or not?

Also, stop flipping shitcoins and actually invest in coins you believe in. These coins will moon hardest in the coming bullrun.

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So don't put your ETH in a pool if you don't trust the pool manager. I don't see your point.
Just stake yourself or don't stake at all then. Staking rewards will be very small anyway.

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I quit my job as an engineer last week without having applied to a new job.
Now I got 3 months to find one.
How fucked am I?

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