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i bought some bitcoin using my credit card on saturday but they still haven't reserved the money on my bank account yet? when does that happen

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If everyone is expecting btc to go down to 1300 and eaven maybe wick to like 800....than it means that people are mentaly prepared for this....
How can we than have a real capitualtion when everyone is ready for the worst case scenario?

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>my mom quietly knocks on my bedroom door once a week to talk with me
why is this allowed? I'm supposed to answer EVERY single time she knocks on my door?

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If you try to scare somebody, but they didn't scare, then did you scare him or not?

Also, stop flipping shitcoins and actually invest in coins you believe in. These coins will moon hardest in the coming bullrun.

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So don't put your ETH in a pool if you don't trust the pool manager. I don't see your point.
Just stake yourself or don't stake at all then. Staking rewards will be very small anyway.

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I quit my job as an engineer last week without having applied to a new job.
Now I got 3 months to find one.
How fucked am I?

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Would it be smarter to buy CRON or MO?

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do i have to pay taxes if i make money on crypto

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how can I be succesful as a guy with a finance degree and no programming skills?

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how do I get a job in any of those things?

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>Savings account: 0.55% APY
>4-week Treasury bill: 2.392% APY
Is there anything stopping me from just dumping all my savings in 4-week Treasury bills? Are there transaction fees that get rid of all the profit? Am I missing something here? Or is this free money ust waiting for me to take it?

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what else do you hodl?

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which shitcoin to buy? where is ta anon?

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how do I get a qt white gf? I'm a shy guy

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What's the fastest way to buy bitcoin when you have no accounts on any exchange and have to set up a new one? Realistically, how long does it take from signing up to buying BTC (or ETH, doesn't matter I guess)?

Germanfag here, so experience from europoors or fellow Krauts appreciated, pajeets and mutts can join in too...

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How do I start a business when I have no skills or talent?

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who is this vishnu guy and why does he live on the blockchain?

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I've been trying this with 'free fortnite v bucks' videos but I've only made like two dollars. How do I rank well on YouTube? Is fortnite just too saturated should I do something else?

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>nearly dead
>more tx in 24hr than btc

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I bought a tiny amount this morning, and now im up. I shouldve bought more ;_:

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