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I can hear your sobbing from here. So sad.
Keep holding your McShit. We don't want you people here. Rot in hell, scum of the Earth.

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unlike you mentally ill hodler, I plan to rebuy at ~3200 and make 170% profit on my stack
this is why swingers always win, bear, crab, or bull

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Everyone agrees the halo effect exists for good looking people. So why is it so fucking hard for normies to believe the inverse? We are at a disadvantage just by being born with the wrong skull shape.

Life’s not fair. Could be worse I tell myself, and it’s true. I’ll just be alone, because I’m just as biased as those that reject me. Almost as if it’s by design my genes to pass on... then again why do I exist in the first place

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I’m always here my friend, but I don’t post with trips unless it’s this particular topic.

A dump? No way lol. See post above (>>14476626)

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