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Same, but with /pol/, and /lit/ and /3/. Enjoying my time before the trannies get here, too.

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Can you send 1 satoshi with bitcoin?
as far as I know, every transaction requires small mining fees.
if not, then with millions of users, many millions of satoshi gets permanently lost monthly in random wallets when the amount is not rounded.
eventually this will make most of the bitcoins unavailable and with time (centuries) maybe everything will be unusable.
what's the point?

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Another one here. Spaniard (of course) I travelled to China back in January but probably got infected at the office later.
30yo, minor health issues because alcoholism, and it was just a flu. Tested positive, 2 weeks quarantine at home playing videogames.

If you are not a fat fuck or >60yo you will survive anons.

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I was still in school last year
I miss it but didn't realize what I had til it was gone

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>coffee and cigarette breaks every 30 minutes in between idle chit-chat
>no one seems to do any work

God, you are so fucking lucky
Im a logistic manager, 9h/day and some days not even a break. Its crazy this world. I want to kys myself already

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8 figures minimum

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I'm tired of wagecucking and want to work for myself. But i also want low risk so I've decided to go with a franchise. I'm pretty sure I'm going with jimmy John's or five guys. What do?

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true, ty anon

kek based

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>tfw its my birthday today
>no one said happy birthday except my parents
>no msgs or texts or coworkers
>just another day

all I want is to break even on my initial investment, is this too much to ask for?

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I have under $100, no job, and about to be kicked out of college for this semester. I can return in the fall, but what can I do to financially support myself until then?

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I'll check on this, anon. Honestly, my only hope lies on call center shit so I can study by night/or day, and online works like what you adviced because the exchange rate of dollars to our currency is huge. $7-8/hour is already a huge help

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