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The thing is everyone knows that if he does sell there's no way he's going to say anything about it without having his pelvis shattered by the SEC and the glowies entering his ass all at once.
But if the 420k shares of GME allegedly being bought at 110 have anything to say about it, plus Europeans showing that GME is already near 100 again then there's some hope to be had still.
All anecdotal evidence, though. I was almost at 8k when I invested and I've been knocked down almost to my initial investment of 3.8k. I'm not negative so I don't really have anything to worry about, it's just playing the game to me still because I'm not a retard that invested more than he can afford.

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Most likely. He'll trigger a chain reaction if he sells since he became the unofficial face of WSB.
So long as there's faith to be had we have to hold strong.
If the media is still screeching to sell despite such a massive dump and we have retards in power like AOC on our side then there's still hope.

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I'm doubling down
Never give up!
It's already hit resistance at 23.50 average, there's no way it's going down further.

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