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Hello frens, what are you doing / what have you done to prepare for the inevitable financial tsunami about to hit? What have been your main buys in preparation for this?

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I have no pride. I feel like if I somehow make it, I don't deserve that level of wealth

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Me waiting for market to open

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>imagine coping this hard
>"it’s a matter of when, not if r-rights g-guys..? .......guys?"
Oh sweet summer child..

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Was just trying to gain more but it never went down lol. Hoping itll crash when bitcoin moons again

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>tfw I sold everything at 2$

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>next year around this time we shall be millionaires
i don't really think so anon. i bought LINK 2 years ago. i've put all my spare money on it and even went out of my way to find more to invest to make my stack bigger. sure i overally enjoyed 500% gains, but it's not even a fraction to make it. hell i won't be able to make it even if it goes 10x from here.

in 2-3 months i will begin wagecucking. there's no other option. i still remember myself 2 years ago. i was calculating that i would have to begin wagecucking by 2020 and thought to myself "i will be rich by then". here i am, 2020 comes in ~24 hours yet it feels like yesterday.

still not selling, still have a small hope and it's not as if 15k€ will change my life. but still, my life is stagnating and i am to become a wagie. it's fucking over.

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