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>keep the receipts


I guess that means I barter my metal for crypto currency’s or for tangible other tangible assets?

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Fuck. Having more tech difficulties guys. I have switched from using GUI to CLI. I’m starting to like CLI better. Had to move my wallet .key file around a bit. Because it kept giving me an “error” key not found. Finally got it to work I loved .key into same directory as CLI. But now every time I open it says “key file found but not wallet file regenerating” then it scans entire blockchain to find all my wallets and subaddresses. Am I literally regenerating it every time from my hardware wallet? BTW, I’ve never regenerated a wallet from seed before. Is this exactly how it works? It scans thru block chain and goes “height xxxxx txid <wallet key> (balance)” to your primary first then digs up all your subaddresses? Damn I was always worrying about subaddresses I was wondering if you need to find seed phrase for all those too.

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Make a thread on this anon. Give it the attention it deserves.

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whoops whaddaya know? I have a work meeting that begins in 1 minute. sure, I'll sign on. I MIGHT even turn my camera on

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Fuck it, I'm joining the silver short squeeze instead. I will have my kike scalps goddammit.

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Sir, you are very correct.

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Oh hey this looks like my chart from June. Haha. Haaaaaa.... Fugging bioshit fugging cash raising private placement set way under the fugging average price for the month fugging...

Digging my way out though. Getting there. Good luck!

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