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I'm financially ruined

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desu, I thought things were going to get a lot better for me after college. graduated this summer, moved away from family to be independent and start my first real job at 60k/year. thought I would be getting in shape, finally focusing on different hobbies in my spare time and starting a side business. but I've sidetracked myself so much that I don't feel like I've got nothing done. had a calendar, planner and everything I needed but eventually those were left blank, i've gotten lonely as shit since I'm by myself, it's hard to wake up everyday even on my days off, and I end up just watching youtube and lurking. I feel purposeless and dread the fact that this could be my life for the next 40+ years before retirement, but I'm finally doing something today to get me out of this cycle and I hope you all do too

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Why do people go into business when they could just trade instead and not have to make all that effort? Is it really all just for tax benefits?

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Why are we here? Just to suffer?

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They have been suppressed.

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You don't get to leave here brother. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.

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Guys when I was smoking I just had a suppressed memory of me and my ex girlfriend at the lake lying in hammock together come back. That was 10 years ago and now the negative reminders are coming back. How do I suppress this again for another 10 years?

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I want to human centipede myself to baggies gookfu

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coinbase listing... any day now..

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>tf usd collapse cannot be stopped
>goldbugs were right
>btc maxis were right

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I bought at 2 dollars and held all these years, I must be fucking braindead

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>"you ok Anon?"
>y-yeah haha I'm fine

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Not the same guy

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People who cashed out are the smart money. The rest of you are being boiled slowly like 2017 bagholders.

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Why is the mf stock market more volatile than btc right now

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rugpull in a couple hours

Pajeet dev lying about liq lock

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You're not alone OP, I'm the same except I can't even find a job.

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Anyone else so desperate and poor right now they're doing the coinbase quizzes for free shitcoins while they're BOGGED?

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I always post in these but my life keeps getting worse and worse. I'm going to keep posting in them though because I have no hope.

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>ywn die violently while trying to get your wife and kids on one of the last System Class ships off-world, as the Kleros Death Cube hangs ominously in the sky, ready to zap your entire rock into stardust due to one guy not translating a webpage properly
why even live

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Yea im down about 2k not gonna sell yet gonna wait to see if it goes up at all after open

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Goddamnit why? Earnings aren't until pre-market tomorrow. Some people are buying in heavy AH if I get burned by this put, I need to just accept the spirit of the bull into my heart.

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