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"Anarchist anti-government and anti-law promoters of Bitcoin will tell you that if you don’t have your keys, you don’t have your bitcoin. Unfortunately for them, keys are not law. Private keys make access to funds difficult. They don’t prove ownership of property rights, which never was the intention of Bitcoin."

"A court order can force a transaction to be invalidated. A court order can change the nature of the blockchain and require that the UTXO set is updated. On hearing it, you will be told how it is not possible because all the nodes won’t accept it. My answer is simple: so what. The nodes that matter are associated with businesses."

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Insider here. I might get killed for revealing this, but this man is a fraud. We, OG BitCoiners obviously know that Craig Wright is Satoshi and BSV is the real BitCoin. But the man in the picture is not Craig Wright, it's Chaskel Wasserman, a deceitful criminal impostor. He and his cabal of satanic sodomites took over BitCoin, they want Craig's keys!

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He has been a naughty boy, so it'll be a while untill I'm done punishing him

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If so how many bsv is considered a suicide stack, I want to make sure I have one in case clown world comes true and faketoshi is satoshi

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Craig and jimmy make a cute couple this is just pathetic

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Feels really stiff knowing Segshit coin is going to 0

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That Craig and Roger broke up. Craig finally found a man that treats him right

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Been over ;)

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That Craig and Roger broke up, him and jimmy are a much cuter couple

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based and couplepilled

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Its a world of difference

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