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In our debt based economy it doesn't even matter if the money you're paying with actually exists so why would it matter if the commodities actually exist either?

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you can only post itt if you have 30+ BTC in savings

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What's your opinion on this? Are you holding or flipping?

Today was the first day I completely fucked up trading this and it feels bad. For some reason wasn't zooming out and reading the chart right, mid session I just said fuck it and bought at 10750 for swing trade and HODL.

Of course when panic started to set in and people started FUDing the whole project here I sold at 9800.

It looks like perfect ABCD and the same shit was happening last few days, but I'm not sure for next few days. I want to buy and hold, but this fucking dump today got right into my hearth when I sold as I panicked.. instead of wait for it to consolidate.

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