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all i do is farming airdrops from the unicorn chain and engaging in arguments with faggots on x do i still count like a wfh chad?
>i pay my bills with this shit

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i dont know if getting crypto into sports will benefit anyone, i can seriously see normies trying to cancel it because "crypto is corrupt and sinister get that shit out of muh sports"

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so this means that when i ask the chatbot to roleplay as the cute cashier i saw once in a gas station that somebody else already wrote the exact scenario and the chatbot is just filling in with the info he's been trained with?

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if i have a green id my hottie suicide stack will pump, if its not then they're destined to dump

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>Hold a meme stock for literal years
>somehow circle back to make it profitable
>finally the investment pays off and you make a huge stack of money
>its not the end of the world (???) whch you for some reason expected and you dont sell because this is clearly a fakeout or something
>your stock loses value again and you go back to being another retard who fell for a conspiracy
yeah couldn't be me, even when im fully on board with community takeovers and i support the project i sold my pajamas yesterday, gmefags need to learn from us zoomies to not marry your bags

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god told me that me and my descendants would inherit a land of milk and honey if i made it so i started buying every single token in existence, one of them has to be a gem right? i literally buy every single launch available on pinksale im not even kidding
i want that milk with honey

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Dude slow down a bit and rest. I get the feeling of excitment and sometimes it is worth to stay up to monitor the prices ( i made $7.231 after the last agrs pump) its still not something you should be doing on a regular basis. Your brain gets fried if you expose it too much to longer and longer periods of time without proper sleep, you may make it soon but its not worth it if you never make it past 40 because you crippled yourself for money. Remember money should be subservient of happiness, not the contrary

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