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I'm currently only holding 100 LINK because I'm not a retard.

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checked and 100% agree. pretty sure all us OG's feel the exact same. i still FUD cuz it's funny rereading through the pastas

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A bedtime story for you

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didnt read lmao
show me the memes

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You seem like a good guy so I do not use all caps for you. With how turbulent everything is, do NOT ape into anything. Do NOT feel FOMO. Take what you feel comfortable with and put it all into chainlink. Alt season should be here soon. Chainlink has great fundamentals. In the end hindsight will always plague you. Just remember holding FIAT is not the route you want to take either. Hyperinflation looms. Get yourself at least 10k linkies and you can hangout with us at the citadel.

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Next link is LINK

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$15-18 anon? You had fucking years to acoomulate. Where the fuck have you been?

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It was the most shilled when the board was dead during the bear market but it was not shilled by pajeets but by real thinking people who were looking for a way to make it and looking for information and to debate.
Now that there is money to make from scamming, pajeet teams are pumping the board full of scam threads and occasionally attacking the only real project they can't profit from which is Link.

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All these demoralisation threads

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Kek'd and check'd

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Lmao like we care about the opinions of s o y guzzling low test lefty FAGGOTS that are also poor and retarded

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>if you bought chainlink you are now a nazi insurrectionist

it's over

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Am I retarded for buying about the middle of a rally because it's indicative, to me anyway, of the general regard for a coin?

These fuckers are all on an upwards macro trend.

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(((their))) suppression bots, unironically

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Fuckin same

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Based. I'm a 2.5k stacklet but I will also never sell. We're all in this together.

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Yea you will most certainly get burnt eventually. I too was a dumbass when I firt bought LINK at $1.20 during mainnet, and I was a dumbass. Granted the only reason I bought it at that price was because I was waiting on banking institutions and their shitty 3-7 business day transfer policies. Which funny enough was another reason that sold me on crypto. I can transfer (by myself) tens of thousands of dollars within seconds. If I was to take a guess you'll probably have an opportunity to buy BTC around $15-17k again within the next few weeks. But chances are that will be the lowest you'll ever see a single bitcoin again, and I'm saying this as a person that doesn't actually own any BTC right now, I am all in crypto however. Being in crypto is an uphill battle. Most of the population either thinks it's a scam and if you ask the average person anything about it will just mention something about bitcoin in 2016 or won't know anything past that. Even the most tech literate people I talk to only have surface level knowledge and don't even know the basics like the 21 million btc limit or that it's divisible to 18 decimal places.

I guess the point is to only trust your own judgement. Even here on /biz/ you'll have people (like me) that pretend to hold other coins and convince people to buy scams because it's funny, or will spread false rumors to keep newfags from buying. Think of it as a sort of hazing ritual exclusive to this board. The pajeet scammers are just icing on the cake. /biz/ is useful for getting leads on market sentiment, finding subjects to research, and most importantly business related shitposting. Pic related

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So, does this mean ETH is dead?

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