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I've been posting on 4chan for 10 years and I don't know how to cross link threads.

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crypto going up won't get rid of the sinking feeling that I just wasted 5 years of my life to get a degree in computer science just to not get a job

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At what point of this cycle should I start selling into stables?

t. Held through the top to bottom of 2017-2018 and 2021-2022 and looking forward to NOT doing that again

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how low is bitcoin going to dump
should i buy some now or wait?

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>hold bags
>dumps eternally
>sell my bags
>goes parabolic the following day

Every single fucking time, its so tiring

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Why did everyone in crypto decide retail mining was no longer going to be a thing?

Wasn't the whole point that a billion people could mine from their own stuff at home, so then it stays truly decentralized, instead we ended up with just a few huge industrial miners and mining becoming pointless for anyone else

If the US government wanted to take down Bitcoin it could just launch drone strikes on a few of the big industrial miners and thats basically GG

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Im so disillusioned with crypto that ive just gone back to my pre-crypto days of just saving fiat currency in my bank account and doing nothing with it, and its starting to pile up again, and ive stopped checking the price of bitcoin / the current value of my bags. Im just tired/bored of it and I feel like no amount of gains will ever be enough for me to actually bet set free from the system for LIFE.

So I could cash out like $2 million now, but how long will that last me? Not long, that doesn't set me free. For me to spend the next 40 years FREE from the system and enjoying a nice life, I would need like $20-50 million, and the only way I ever get close to 20-50 million from where I am now in the low 7 figures I'd need to get insanely lucky with a shitcoin, odds are that doesn't happen.

Im just so fucking tired of this whole thing. I only got into Crypto in 2016, maybe if I got in a few years earlier I'd have that 20-50 million and legitimately be set for life. It makes me wonder if guys like me on in the low 7 figure range are like this (struggling to get anywhere near 8 figures) then how many people in the last say 5~ years or so have come anywhere near to life-changing life-long money? Probably not many at all, all of that generational wealth money was made by those who got into Crypto in 2009-2012.

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It feels like the sentiment changed drastically this week. Crypto went from being the "hip, new investment for youngsters" to basically being viewed as a dumping shitcoin funding Russia's war on Ukraine. Now that it's become clear that there will be no quantitative easing, no new money and liquidity in the market, and no more cheap loans due to lowered interest rates, everyone is scavenging to offload their bags. You can see it in the order books where there's a tsunami of sell walls. It's beyond clear that the bullrun is over now and this was just the sheep (you) being shorn. Crypto is finally solidified as a get rich quick scam, a pyramid of sorts that can never thrive in a rational economy. There is just no way to get ahead without years of hard work at a stable job you like doing and I hope you learned your lesson this bullrun.

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I am a NEET with infinite free time looking to do something that produces money while waiting for my crypto to moon.

Right now I am spending that time reading books and playing Minecraft. Surely there is a better way I could be spending my time.

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Is there any truth on what this anon said?

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>buy real estate
>but still just live out of a shitty apartment with roommates for cheap
Is this the secret strategy to wealth?

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I want to install a small solar panel outside my window and use it to operate a cryptominer. I want to get a return on investment obviously.

How should I do this

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I can make around $2.4 a day by leaving my computers on running RandomX.

My parents will not notice the slight increase in their electric bill.

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man just ape into WOJAK, this boy will moon soon

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WHY won't it just DO IT ALREADY

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i need help, i need make 600$ at month for can pay my studies.

trading is not a option right now.

Any idea for initiate a little bussiness?


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It's my land, I should be able to do what I want with it. If I want to buy a shit ton of solar panels and mine bitcoin with it, that's my business

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> Be me
> In my early 20's
> Grew up and live in south of France
> Work in automation/control systems engineering
> Earn 2k€ per month

Even if the place I live in isn't that bad (actually it's a pretty beautiful part of France), I really feel a big lack of opportunities in term of salary and professionnal growth in the future (it seems like this for everyone in my age here).

I can't see myself living in France forever. For many reasons, it's becoming more and more of a shithole (especially for young people/young graduates)

More than 50% of young people (18 to 24yo) in France are increasingly looking to leave the country : https://www.lejdd.fr/societe/54-des-jeunes-francais-determines-quitter-la-france-en-raison-du-climat-politique-et-economique-140600#

I really want to move out of France/Europe, I tought about USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, mainly because I have a correct english level (as a second language) but I'm still searching what would be the best option for me.

Where do you think I should go ? What should I do ?

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I might be a wagie, but I'm going on a trip to the moon, boys

1 WinDoge = 1 ICP

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