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The only good thing about the fake me's are i get new high quality Kaiji images

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>I want to help people
Appealing to emotion, yet another logical fallacy that is not supported by evidence whatsoever.
I'm disgusted that this is the kind of people i'm expected to rationally debate against.
They can't even be clinical.

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>Filtering someone
>Somehow knowing i replied to you
>Still opening my posts to look at them despite stating openly you filtered me like a fagbag.
Lol you are just a fucking treat that keeps on giving, the both of you. I don't even have to confuse them when you both are just as stupidly hostile and inattentive to your /own/ declarations

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I'm sure they are Melvin.

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>Toxic masculinity
Spotted the non-channer.
Anyone who thinks this is over, it's not over till it hits 0.
And the fact it's not 0 yeat is SOLELY on the information yet to be provided/
They are trying to drive it down as LOW as possible.
The issue is this may just be intentional on the part of the people BUYING UP stock to drive the price down so they can buy more. This could be mindgames on the part of the longs to FUCK the shorts harder.
The lower it gets without hitting 3 bucks, the more people can pile on.
This is an attack /on/ the shorts.

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We can also stay dumber, longer, than the banks can stay solvent... so get fucked, nigga.
Today proved beyond a shadow of a doubt it's coming and they are doing EVERYTHING THEY CAN to stop it.
All you have is insults with no real evidence or proof to the contrary, and that's ok.
You can either be a paid shill or just willfully malicious because you want to see people suffer because you missed the train.
Either way, i'm buying more and you are just going to still be here, with GME and us living rent free in your head.
See you in your dreams, babe.

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What a reddit tier response.

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