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A „- Wo“

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what do you think her braps smell like

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i wish
>tfw no amazoness gf to carry me in her arms like a baby with my head resting on her breasts

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why can't we have middle line?
be extra careful with hygiene and health, make sure you keep yourself healthy so you won't have to go to hospitals etc. and try to stay indoors.

if anything chimping out will slow down our vaccines/cure as well as spread the virus. Remember: we aren't fucking China where they can't build a proper fucking escalator without killing some poor bastard.

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A-am I the only happy wagie on /biz/? Are there more of us here?

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>why yes, I am basedjak, how could you tell

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Anyone here know the struggle of being an attractive, fit, intellectual? Women think I am just a "playboy" and that I am shallow, sex-obsessed, and only in it for the sex simply because of my characteristics. When in reality, I am highly intelligent, rational, a deep thinker, a debater, a dreamer, kind and considerate. I take care of myself in health and fitness due to the pursuit of self-improvement (which is why I also eat healthy, natural, raw foods instead of processed garbage, protein bars, whey protein crap, etc.) not because of hedonistic desire for constant sex and a revolving door of women.

Unfortunately the only women who are intelligent and stimulating enough to interest me will immediately dismiss me based off appearance thinking me to either be out of their league or having interests and goals that don't align with what they are looking for.

I am in quite a pickle bros, anyone have experience with this?

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How long until alts bounce?

Asking for a friend.

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but BNB isnt on mex, how do we short?

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OBVIOUS Sucker rally ,stop with the meme chart
Who is waiting for the price to go down further to buy???

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What level does Bitcoin needs to touch in order to start the oh almighty golden bull run? triple digits???

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we're gonna make it

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But do you have enough to live comfortably for a few years? Then what? Or are you just going to keep trading casually and hope it satisfies your lifestyle?

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>want to try a new leverage trading method
>put buy/sell stops for whole stack at 25x leverage about $100 from market price in both directions
>plan to ride huge price movements either way
>price goes up/down just enough to trigger stop then goes back to normal
>repeat three times and end up down 75%
>fuck it, all in 100x leverage same strategy, expect to get liquidated
>ride green dildo and make back all losses

this is fine

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2000 omg or 2000 eos?
Already have a link stack.
Also had a dream Amazon Cash/EOS was the top traded pair on binance any other bros having divinations?

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Post yfw institutions pump BCH and not BTC

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this story makes me happy even if it is pasta hope you make it anon

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>tfw bedroom hotdogs
just bought 100k

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1 month in crypto is 1 year because of Moore's law. It's been 3 months time for the bull market.

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Last time i got approached
>faggot asks for my number out of the cold

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I'm so rich and successful. God I'm perfect.

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Keep it simple boys, is the price singularity still a go or nah

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hey anon, how does it feel to still have bitcoin?

i bought early sold all of mine at the peak cause my university economics teacher told me to sell.

How are you anon?

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