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Damn I can't believe I shorted the top again.

Chinks and delusional mumus are going to give me all their money back.

Reminder to retarded muttoids that you had ALL THE CHANCE IN THE WORLD to sell at open. It was crabbish.

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Waller is bullish as fuck. We're pumping to 4800 tomorrow.

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I shorted the shit out of NASD-ACK and I think you should too.

Google and Microshit literally can't keep up the index (and the rest of the economy) on their own. This is ridiculous. Has anyone even looked at NASD-ACK? It's all S&P 500 + worthless trash no one ever heard of. It'll take only one bad day for the big boys for the entire index to do a massive stinky.

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all my trash is pumping

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none of that is going to happen, but chances are good that the market meanders down until there is an actual change in Fed policy, QT and rate hikes specifically
until that time algos/MM/whatever flavor of investing boogeyman you subscribe to will keep trying to time the bottom so we will get relatively high volatility
it's not exciting and schizo though so no one will listen

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0dte SPY options is how i made my millions
no bully

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Reminder to buy MNTS.
Once positive cashflow is established next year, they'll start doing funky futuristic space shit like space mining.
Reminder they already proved their shit works, issues unrelated to their tech aside.

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not great! sometimes it smells like that smelly smell that smells like poo but its not poo like swamp ass kinda mixed with a public bathroom
tell your bitch to take a bath!

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I found live video from the metaverse. This is the next step in human evolution.

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Do NOT look at SPX.

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>from almost 3800 back to 3700

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>Chad Davis

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You shut your dirty whore mouth.

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An update to strategy.


Andy Schectman of Miles Franklin has discussed how his business operates over the weekend. I suspect that some online retailers are just flat out doing everything short of taking their sites down over the weekends to avoid being naked exposed if there's a price gap up over the weekend. Watching that video I can understand Andy's exhaustion. I don't even hold it against the retailers for leaving their sites intact and not doing the whole "down for maintenance" thing. THAT potentially could spark a panic Sunday.

This might go on for weeks. You should be watching Sunday futures as a regular thing from here on out if you're not already. See link.


Anyway. I'm letting you degens know that you should be adjusting your stacking strategy accordingly.

1. Assume the online retailers are CLOSED over the weekend. Friday closing bell to Sunday futures opening. So do your online shopping during the week. Might have to even do it during market hours only. Might depend on the retailer. A mistep on their part could torpedo them. Permanently.

2. Weekends are where you patronize your LCS. Call beforehand. I really don't know if they too are now wanting to shutter over the weekend, but don't be surprised if this starts happening. Probably depends on their inventory, incoming deliveries and business model setup.

3. I'm putting this out because, heh. I'm pretty much done stacking for now, other than the ocassional visit to a brick-and-mortar (i.e. I'm back from today's haul).

4. Chime in, frens. Let's wage this war together, as is our wont to do. Anyone having cancellation stories of the last 24-48 hours specifically? I think this is just something we're going to have to live with now.

5. It's actually fucking happening. Get fucking comfy. How copy.

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Hold GME lads.

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it is a pajeet project but they say they are going to implement polkadot powered cross chain swaps in a future version (v4)
v1 is launching on the 18th I believe.
150k coins currently in circulation (<$200k mcap)

buy the rumor sell the news on this one

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Latest Manner. Keep da faith!

What silver is on your desk today anons? I have a few nice 100 Peseta Francos.

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sirs *tips fedora*
*sheathes katana*

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Do you guys do the needful to get free shitcoins from Coinbase? Or is it not even worth the clutter in your portfolio?

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What have I missed the past few months? Just been sitting on $100k in miners/physical, my dad rambles about $1000/oz silver at every opportunity but I stopped caring after a few years of hearing it. That said we finally seem near the end of the bubble.

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You always know how to brighten my mood darling.

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Based and truthpilled

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