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Agree. I was a VP at big 3 bank, not a big deal because everyone is basically a VP, and trying to get to SVP level. Too much fucking networking, ass kissing, lunches, cultivating relationships, etc. I was in tech so I knew my shit better than everyone above me but the ones that made it their didn't make it because of their knowledge and skillset. I could if I tried hard but it just didn't come naturally to my introverted autistic self and I was always anxious, stressed and really didn't want to be in those situations. Now I WFH in a low level tech job, shit post, get no respect at work but much more content with life.

t. aspiring NEET

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Am I supposed to pay taxes if I never cash out?

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1 year in the work force I noticed as a man no one gives a shit how many problems you solve or projects you make work, your name is only ever brought up when something goes wrong and it’s your fault. Now as a woman if they just do their job they get rewarded with praise, bonuses, promotions etc. it comes mostly from beta males and other women promoting this dumb shit but the combo of that and watching everyone I went to school with become nothing more than 40-50k a year wagie’s with nothing to show for damn near a decade of “work” besides the one or two kids I know from 1%er families. Seriously find a side hustle, whether it’s crypto, selling drugs, working with your hands. Find something that will make you more money that sacrifices little of your time or it’s something you enjoy doing. Modern wage cuckoldry barely pays you enough to survive.

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you have to provide reference numbers of all the jobs you've applied for which they might check (most likely wont). They might also force you to do some training and an employer might pick you off from the lot and offer you a job which you will have to take or they will cancel the neet bucks (not very likely) you also have to turn up to the job centre every two weeks for a one to one meeting with your work coach.
HMRC will also keep an eye on your bank account and if a certain amount of money enters, they cancel your claim.
I've been trying to cancel my claim but they won't let me unless I find a job. It's all so tiring.

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This. Some work you can do for 20 hours straight, some for 4.

There's a meme comparing Xi Jinping to Winnie the Pooh. It got banned in China.

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working some shit job is very soul draining. i would rather neet it up for the rest of my life.

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I am talking to NEETs who are supporting themselves and living at home with Mommy. How much money do you have that allows you to not work or put off working. How much is the minimum to scrounge by? Where do you live.

t. wagecuck dreading monday

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There is another way wagies

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just finished my first week of unemployment certification. when do the wagies approve me? when do i get paid?

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You take the NEET pledge and apply for neetbux.

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I just quit about 3 weeks ago and became a NEET again. Feels comfy asf. Take the pledge fellow anon and join us, wagekeking kills your soul.

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NEET life is comfy asf. currently living my best life right now. I encourage all other wagies to do the same. You'll NEVER get the time back that you spent enriching mr. shekelberg

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Just a daily reminder we all could have been millionaires if we had bought bitcoins when they were cheap and sold them when they spiked.

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Take the NEET pledge and apply for neetbux

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I just became a neet again. feels so comfy.

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society is reddit tier and i cba to fund boomers retirement scheme.

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Working just to survive is an outdated concept

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Mike Rowe is a has-been actor pretending to be king of the wagies.

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Off with you boomer.

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i know that feel
use your neet window wisely by being creative
i might have to get a jewb soon, running out of feeeot cash notes
reading this now:

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