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why isn't anything happening i need money

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Jesus it’s like you cucks have Stockholm syndrome. I have more money than anyone my age I know, 12k VTI, 50k crypto, 0 debt, 40k fiat (waiting for dip in stocks or housing). But guess what none of that is enough to quit working, I do have side income but it doesn’t feed a 401k and is inconsistent with the amount of cash it brings in (hoping by October it and crypto will be enough to give my job a 3 months notice and go NEET artist mode). The point is I’m tired of having to sit in an office for shit pay as inflation shoots up and take orders from women who somehow managed to convince beta upper management they deserve senior management positions.

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Why would you be interacting with normies? I want to make it in the first place so i don't ever have to interact with them again.

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With Binance shutting down what’s the best alternative for burgers?

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Use invite code SlugLord

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Use invite code SlugLord

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A beautiful vision fren! We can make our dreams a reality.
Pic related is for you, sure some NEET colonies may be a bunch of tranny fapping and playing vidya all day and they have every right to do that I’m not here to judge what any LINK brethren does with his earnings. What mine will look like would be more similar to the Pythagorean’s, developing mind, body and spirit.
>NEET Spartans
I love it! Colonies like these could form alliances with others who are all in tune with the betterment of humanity and being free from the forces of enslavement. I think the key is using it strictly for defense and letting those corrupt systems still to operate outside of our walls and not let in degenerates like >>14423382. He can be free to be a warlord in his world but what I want to create is a place that fosters creativity and innovation. We may want to stay outside of the walls of the US and let other organizations do their thing. The object isn’t tearing anything down but creating our own for like minded intellectuals and potential NEET philosophers.

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STOP. I’m ready to sign the NEET pledge if I have to hear about sportsball, someone’s fiancé, why I don’t have kids or a wife and how much I’m missing out, or about cleaning the gutters over the weekend of the house they just rented from Jews where they will pay 2-300k in interest I’m gonna go crazy. In the middle of typing this a practice manager just called me I had to stop this post, answer it to setup a phone inbox for a line on the phone tree and when I politely explained for them to explain it to me they started getting a shitty tone of voice and slowly said it in an annoyed way like I was retarded. I’m sick of it all lads all that for like 40k a year? I want just a year or two break to pursue my dreams before giving up on life and going full fresco.

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Is 11k link enough if you're a shut in autistic NEET with a wealthy family?

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Not much to be honest. I mostly live like a peasant, playing vidya and riding the bus. The cash flow on the houses is <$1000 a month, but I also have roommates in the house I live in. Living on little money is a lot easier when you look at things you might want and decide if it's worth getting a job. Newsflash: almost nothing is worth getting a job.

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thank you for your service

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Many of them lack self control, so they never have excess capital thorugh which invest.

The (((educational system))) teaches them a 0 sum world were the rich got rich because somehow they took over some resource and their only hope is to have (((government))) hijack somebody else's belongings and give it to them.

Labor doesn't have much value in terms of getting wealthy. What does have value is self-control, foresight, and planning.

If you can't do those 3 things you end up working for somebody else.

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Already ate breakfast, read the news and exercised, living the dream

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U still in jail or dead

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Can i habe 300k Mr.big balls

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LINK's a failure. RLC is a failure. I have 1K LINK. What should I put it all into?

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Fuck that good goy.

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Agree. I was a VP at big 3 bank, not a big deal because everyone is basically a VP, and trying to get to SVP level. Too much fucking networking, ass kissing, lunches, cultivating relationships, etc. I was in tech so I knew my shit better than everyone above me but the ones that made it their didn't make it because of their knowledge and skillset. I could if I tried hard but it just didn't come naturally to my introverted autistic self and I was always anxious, stressed and really didn't want to be in those situations. Now I WFH in a low level tech job, shit post, get no respect at work but much more content with life.

t. aspiring NEET

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Am I supposed to pay taxes if I never cash out?

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1 year in the work force I noticed as a man no one gives a shit how many problems you solve or projects you make work, your name is only ever brought up when something goes wrong and it’s your fault. Now as a woman if they just do their job they get rewarded with praise, bonuses, promotions etc. it comes mostly from beta males and other women promoting this dumb shit but the combo of that and watching everyone I went to school with become nothing more than 40-50k a year wagie’s with nothing to show for damn near a decade of “work” besides the one or two kids I know from 1%er families. Seriously find a side hustle, whether it’s crypto, selling drugs, working with your hands. Find something that will make you more money that sacrifices little of your time or it’s something you enjoy doing. Modern wage cuckoldry barely pays you enough to survive.

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you have to provide reference numbers of all the jobs you've applied for which they might check (most likely wont). They might also force you to do some training and an employer might pick you off from the lot and offer you a job which you will have to take or they will cancel the neet bucks (not very likely) you also have to turn up to the job centre every two weeks for a one to one meeting with your work coach.
HMRC will also keep an eye on your bank account and if a certain amount of money enters, they cancel your claim.
I've been trying to cancel my claim but they won't let me unless I find a job. It's all so tiring.

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