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Can chainlink actually hit $1000?

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my avax stays ballsacks
my diet stays big macs

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so let's say in the next obvious bitcoin dump an alt goes to 0.01 dollars. Now, at this point bitcoin will start to climb again for a short period and alts will recover, so if this alt goes from .01 to .1 thats an x10. Is it that easy? This market seems too easy, unfortunately I'm a poorfag and I'm waiting for the absolute bottom of btc at 900 dollars so I cannot risk my money until that. But why you retard burguers aren't making money with those crazy fluctuations?

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Enjoy being a lonely nigger forever.


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Find the specific employee and assasinate them. continue to do so till every employee who blocked my path is assasinated and they start to get spooked and become more helpful instead of hawkful.

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forget turtl and other memecoins

mine ELLA and stake ColX for massive gainz

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>father dies
>leaves everything to his only child - me
>will never have to work a day in my life

started browsing /biz/ as i wanted to get into real estate. realized no one on /biz/ knows anything about anything but i stayed for the memes.

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Good /biz/ related podcasts?

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