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DJ 3LAU had an hour long interview on The Iced Coffee Hour and not once did he mentioned OGN

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Your silver is going to zero You nigger

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I met someone today that sold all his link at 50 cents a link back in 2018. Felt bad for the guy

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Fuck I knew the pump in the recent day was the return to normal. But I didn't sell just in case I was wrong so I wouldn't miss out on a "Super Altcoin cycle". I fell for the meme biz, help.

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Bobo tricked me guys its over. The chinks woke up

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I Should have sold NU at 1.10 Im a certified retard. Should of dca out of ren

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Mid 5, it's hell.

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im so tired biz

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Jeets push coins better than you guys.
I'll just sum up the thread for you.

>I'm McScammin It!
>Try out our new McRugpull!
>We're McScammers and gettin McDesperate!
>No one look into why we're a McFraud!
>We can still change sentiment, we're not in McDenial!
>We're not McSeething
>pic related

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no, because I sold at 2$

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Very bullish i heard whispers of YFV being listed on coinbase. Idk seems legit might put my granddads savings into yfv see what happens old man will die so why not yolo his money.

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If I was just born 20 years earlier I could have enjoyed the best that western civilization had to offer, I could have had a union factory job with a pension and a nice house that would be worth 100x what I paid for it and a cheap muscle car and a wife and kids instead of staring at a screen all day looking at scams and trannies

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He didnt buy Jack Dorsey dapp platform at shitcoin prices.


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Titanium support

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>Ok anon so tell us a little bit about your hobbies...what do you like to do in your free time?

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im done

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Hey biz, just started my first corporate office job. So far I’ve gotten paid to sit through employee training and review of policies. I already want to off myself. I miss being a NEET. Save me mommy, I want to come home and eat some tendies. Why couldn’t I have gotten rich off crypto

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