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bought SOXL
bought FNGU
bought TQQQ

see you tomorrow lads

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My dark secret is that I also put a trailing stop loss order on it, and it triggered a couple of days after that buy

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who said I bought anything? How fucking stupid and assblasted can you be

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>stock market down -2% after huge rally

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never. jerome is pumping that for his personal calls that he holds

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who here /selling/

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This is true
I have no idea what I'm doing and just buy random shit and hedge myself by buying bluechip dividend stock alongside my risky bets. I've made 2500 dollars in 4 days. I feel like I'm cheating and it's all gonna come crashing down any minute.

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>shitposts on 4chan for a living.
To be fair, I agree with your other points, but that's all of us.

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That feeling when your parents actually have a (small) trust and generation skipping trust set up, but one of the criteria to draw on it is to have kids.
Guess my brother is getting all the money this time.

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Choose one or two things and learn that. Accept the rest as a lost cause for now and focus on a portion that you think will reliably get you a few points. Good luck.

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>linkies spam crypto juice non stop for weeks after he sells at 2.60
>Nooooo you cant post him to laugh at us when link falls bellow $2 its not faaaaaair stoop it nooow

This is all your fault for making a retard chink famous

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>Guys you want to be like ron jeremy not nichola tesla trust me

And just like that you proved everyone arguing against you correct. Thanks for playing.

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imagine if you had diversified and put some of that money into index funds or bought AMD in 2017

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I filled in orders on BTC and Link so when they recover I will have made money thank you based bear bros I just wish you could keep this little dump going on longer so I could fill my bags

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To have enough money for good musical instruments and good musical teacher you need capitalism.

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reading comprehension anon Im not flipping link, I am trying to make more cash on btc so I can buy MORE link
>he is so rich and happy he replies angrily 3 times with nothing to say to show how little he cares
Its ok sad boomer anon. Will it make you feel better and give you validation if you post pictures of your possessions? go ahead sometimes we all need a hug

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I have around 4 ETH left on binance, what coin should I put this in to get some easy gains? I doubt any 100x so I‘m fine with 10x. Or even just 2x. What to do biz?

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>(s)he cant so᠌yboy
>(s)he things (s)he will make it

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>reddit. ouch!

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Thank you for this, LMAO

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Why did you open an AMA thread only to act like an unhelpful jerk?

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almost exclusively anime op/ed

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>still using a deprecated version of openssl

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>How retarded do you have to be to take a loan for buying stocks?
People do it all the time. It's called margin.

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