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Boomer trash. The best case scenario is that Ford sells six million EVs annually with way smaller margins than their current sales. The most likely situation they'll likely struggle to produce EVs and get their shit pushed in by pure EV automakers.

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Mach E shitstain SUV

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>my parents dont believe these $17,000 Chuck E. Cheese tokens will go to $100k
you dont say..

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Kek, I bought five shares of TSLA on margin after hours just before the news broke.

SEC, I'm not an insider trader, just a based retard.

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>What does Ford had to offer in the electric market?
Fronk wings.

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I made enough money off TSLA to buy a Tesla but I'm thinking about going with the Mach-E for the wing storage.

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I don't want to hear people whining about they missed out when it inevitably goes over $1000 per share this year. You were given an opportunity to research it and chose not to.

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If you think anyone is going to put a hundred chicken wings or pieces of shrimp directly into their fronk and go to a tailgate party, you are probably the biggest retard on /biz/. Do you have any idea how much it would suck to try to clean grease off a plastic interior?

It represents everything why Ford is completely out of touch with the world around them. They had decades to build a decent electric car and this is how they're trying to sell it? The Mach-e is complete shit, they have very few preorders and they can't even produce that many of them because they're battery constrained. Ford will go bankrupt within the next two decades. They have a hundred billion dollars worth of debt and still insist on paying a dividend to their boomer shareholders. They are unwilling to do what is necessary to survive.

FUCK Ford, FUCK Ford shareholders, and most importantly, FUCK TRIPFAGS.

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Lunch time! I got everyone wings! Why don't you grab a few, Anon, and tell me why you didn't buy the TSLA dip like I suggested yesterday?

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Does anyone here actually think that Ford is going to beat Tesla? Look at this fucking this shit. This is a real photo that they released in order to market their Mach-e and plastic frunk that most electric cars have. These people couldn't be more out of touch if they think the ability to eat 100 wings out of your car is a real selling feature worth marketing.

I don't know if his $5 allowance money will be enough to add much to that total. Better than nothing, but he should know just how painstaking it is to try to build capital with such a small amount.

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