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casually climbing to ATH
makes me think $200 EOY isn’t a meme

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and they say history repeats itself
same situation in 2017
moral of the story was “oh shit all I needed to do was buy BTC, ETH, or LINK” and you made it
Same shit is happening again!

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for those playing along at home for the last 3 months I’ve been posting this shit:
1/3 BTC
1/3 LINK
1/3 TSLA

enjoy your gains
load up
merry new year

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do you need anything else but pic related?

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would you look at that, yet another green day for the ol’ folio
1/3 LINK
1/3 BTC
1/3 TSLA
Ahhhhh yissssssssssssss

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this is how you do it

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How good life is when your portfolio is green literally every day
1/3 BTC
1/3 LINK
1/3 Tesla
Ahhhhhhhhh yisssssss

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When they say linkies stay stinky it’s short for stinking filthy rich

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