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I feel like Elon will use doge as a tipping tool eventually for Twitter. Doge it’s pretty good for transactions. XRP will be used by the big boys in the Bermuda because dealing with banks is retarded and there is about to be a whole other echelon of rich people that hate the system and don’t even want banks that speculate with your money and then have the balls to act like kings when you ask for your own money back. Monero is a buy in my book too btw, but only for reliable storing.
XRP wil just be in the top due to its fast processing power for huge transactions.
Specifically paypal doesn’t even matter because they will partner with the service for payment processings that is partnered with Xrp. Like this: Paypal partners with —> payment processor partners with—> XRP. PayPal is nothing more than a platform for payments, it uses many payment processing services.
Hope it was retarded enough.

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