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The only thing to change OmegaFaggots mind from shilling GRT to PRQ is watching that meme vid the tranny made, and wholeheartedly listening to Kevin Murcko Coinmetro CEO and doing zero research further.
He's tech illiterate from his monero comment, he sold link and quant too early, and he was one of the perma bears waiting for btc to hit 2k which never came.
Also hilarious how much invested he is because of Kevin Murcko, when Kevin Murcko admits he hasn't looked into Link at all since they listed it in 2020. So imagine using comments made 3 years ago to try shill something in the most disingenuous way possible
He will sell PRQ too early, that much is certain. We also haven't seen the end of this bear market, OmegaGaylord has been trying to call the bottom now for 6 months lmfao

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