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>Operation Hidden Treasure, a joint effort between the IRS’s civil office of fraud enforcement and its criminal investigation unit, will train agents to look at blockchains to root out tax evasion among cryptocurrency users. It will exist as part of the office’s emerging threats mitigation team, Forbes said.

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>inflation bug
How old is that bug? At which point has it been discovered? It's old news, isn't it?

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>just converted almost all my remaining crypto earnings into [undisclosed amount] of xmr. holding onto a couple thousand usd to purchase gold and silver over the next few weeks as we ramp up for inflation.

Comfy as fuck.

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I'm just buying XMR from now on, if it goes to $1 then I'll just keep accumulating, fuck it. Its the only decent real crypto, that's got to be worth something.

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my nigga

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1. BTC
2. BNB
3. ADA
4. DOT
6. ETH
8. LTC
9. BCH
10. XMR

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Im reaching levels of comfy I didnt think were even possible

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Dont care. Never selling. Infinite comfy.

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>how tf do i do this?
accept that you can't change the past, NOBODY can catch every oppertunity
I'm some autismo so I made a spreadsheet to track my investments which I update daily, looking back at those graphs puts it all in perspective for me and I sleep very comfy

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forever comfy lads

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post the screen cap for future plz ty

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Another day, another monero thread at the top of the reply count. We're all gonna make it, lads.

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I don't think this will ever happen unless monero literally becomes #2 or #3 on market cap. Monero has a very strong reddit presence on r/Monero, r/xmrtrader and r/MoneroMining. A couple of very prominent community members are also mods at r/cryptocurrency and they could use their position to shill monero but they don't because they're Chads. I like that, I can accumulate more if scrubs have no idea monero exists.

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thanks anon

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This level of comfiness only exists in /pmg/ and /xmr/ threads, and both are full of the same sorts of people. Not moonboys and niggercoin pump shills, but wholesome lads who just want to stay private and comfy away from prying eyes and jewish lies.

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yes keep accumlating. if you think 100 BTC is a make it stack then so is 100 XMR

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Holding my unknown amount

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Because they have literal mental retardation.
A common mistake energy detractors make is to naively extrapolate PoW’s energy consumption to the equivalent CO2 emissions. What matters is the type of energy source being used to generate electricity, as they are not homogeneous from a carbon footprint perspective. The academic efforts that get breathlessly reported in the press tend to assume either an energy mix which is invariant at the global or country level. Both Mora et al and Krause and Tolaymat generated flashy headlines for their calculations of PoW’s footprint, but rely on naive extrapolations of energy consumption to CO2 emissions.
Even though lots of bitcoin and monero are mined in China, it’s not appropriate to map China’s generic CO2 footprint to crypto mining. PoW seeks out otherwise-curtailed energy, like hydropower in Sichuan, which is relatively green. Any reliable estimate must take this into account.
Now, despite all the caveats listed above, it’s undeniable that PoW not only consumes a lot of energy but produces externalizations in the form of CO2 emissions. This is not under debate. What proponents of PoW are often confronted about is whether monero and bitcoin have a legitimate claim on any of society’s resources. This question relies on a kind of utilitarian logic about which industries should be entitled to consume energy. In practice, no one actually reasons like this. The PoW-energy supplicants are mum when it comes to the energy used to illuminate Christmas lights, to power the data centers behind Netflix or to distribute untold millions of single-serve meal kits. It’s clear that because PoW’s footprint is so easy to quantify — and an object of revulsion among the chattering classes — it is singled out for special treatment.

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I traded my 0.01 BTC and 0.1 ETH for XMR

I hope it will outperform them but IDK time will tell

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literally me

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XMR is the comfiest hold and has the best community

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You know what, I love you guys. I'm not here for the gains but the comfiness of this threads are so tempting to hold "unknown amount" of monero

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