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>chad looks

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You're a fucking idiot. These things have removable pussies. They can be taken out and completely sterilized and/or replaced altogether. With just a minor isopropyl wipedown of the exterior of the doll, some light perfume and a fresh wig, you could get multiple hundreds of fucks out of a doll before it had enough wear to be replaced completely. Besides, you're operating off your own opinion. A very large number of men are happy to fuck a cantaloupe. They will also fuck REAL whores who haven't been cleaned AT ALL. Some men even get off on fucking used up whores.

>i then opening up a shop like that but base it around being a show room, for selling dolls would be better idea.
but good luck finding a decent location where it would be "allowed" and where you would actually get legit well heeled buying customers
>research. market research

OP already mentioned a "try before you buy" scenario working in partner with doll makers. It sounds like you would prefer a brand new doll yourself, so in a real scenario you would be among the people who would just buy a doll outright rather than attend a doll brothel. This is merely YOUR preference, and is not shared by all or even most. Faggots like you really ruin the discussion on this board. Consider killing yourself immediately.

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