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>penny stock grift

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>He will never buy a penny silver stock like Bayhorse Silver and make 150x

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BHS is endorsed by Bob Moriarty (he "loves it" and "owns a boatload" and David Morgan, two of the most respected silver or mining stock analysts.


Ocean is a leading precious-metals firm, one of the biggest concentrate traders in the world. Jay Hemenway, Senior Trader in charge of By-Products, Precious and Minor Metals (USA) for Ocean states, "We are pleased to partner with Bayhorse and look forward to a long-term relationship as Bayhorse further develops its silver mining operations."



They do have cash flow, read the agreement with Ocean to learn more. It's at least $2 million for 30 days of production (about 100,000 ounces). And Ocean wants it to continue 300 days a year when BHS meets that obligation.

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