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“No” and then hang up.

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>tfw we live in a world where Zyzz, Piana, and Kyriakos Grizzly aren't all around to pump your portfolio

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>ITT: Anon doesn't understand that time passes between posts

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>Bought 700ish last fall at $2 and $2.50
>Sold in February at $4
>concussion at work a few days later
>too addled to rebuy anything during the crash
>buying back into LINK would've let me go car shopping

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i know that feel man, im in a new country and just got "blacklisted" from my group of friends for having controversial opinions. They are so tolerant that they cant even tolerate a different view, jeez. ill never fake it tho, fuck normies

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When will these pozzed crypto markets pump already

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What's taking alt season so long

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the entire system needs to be fucking obliterated

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you should look up Mozart The Magic Flute. it depicts the trail by fire and water (the jew star is combination of the alchemical symbols of fire and water by the way) and the protaganist going through the heros journey to get through said harrowing.

the dark knight of the soul is closer to the trail by water. Where fire usually represents action and initiative, water represents the emotions, the to confront the dark knight is to confront the absolute pit of despair and nihilism and bounce back, without this trail, the initiate has not learnt to be low enough to be humbled, what do most 4channers have in common? You don't come to 4chan if everything is going ok, atleast not initially anyway. In 4chan's vernacular it is to take the blackpill and through metaphorical Mithridatism become immune to it, in the christian vernacular you can interpret this as what they mean by the meek inheriting the Earth.

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Why are we here

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I know friend
but you're still funny, and I appreciate that

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Has anyone successfully made money building their own trading strategies in python, backtesting them, then letting them trade live? I can learn everything I need to probably pretty quickly but I'd like to know now if it's retarded to even try. Assume that I am near genius.

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Where was this sudden optimism when I was holding for a month solid watching my stocks drop every day. The market doesn't get out of bed for fear of trump and china when i'm patiently holding, but now it's jumping for joy?

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>Italy and Spain
tfw Balkanfag

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>tfw the "wacky tie guy" at work commits suicide

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hi biz, deposit just hit coinbase.

buy now or buy later? waiting for the bart but not sure if we see him ever again

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Anyone else in Australia really worried about the rise in mortgages recently and how the banks are ignoring the 2007 crises and giving risky loans?

Apparently a parent of mine was paying ridiculous amounts of interest (basically more than the loan over a decade just in interest) on their most recent mortgage (to buy out sister from her share of an inherited property), suggesting that the mortgage was considered very risky.
I've also heard that many people are beginning to sell properties to pay off similar mortgages. (see http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-02-20/rba-warns-on-interest-only-loans-and-financial-stability/9464536)

Is this another financial crises now emerging?

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>Be 24
>Be virgin
>Still somehow have girl numbers

Help. Which would you choose. My standards are too fucking high.

First girl is an asian, 21 year old. Told her to btfo until she went to gym.
Shes literally lusting for my dick for a year now. Told her to get the fat away. Just recently she said "Give me time till autumn. Are you going to fuck me afterwards?"
Kekd and said yes, if she manages to get her old body back. She was superb when she was underage.
Got pics of her on snapchat asking me to rape her and shit. Fucking cringed and kekd.
Shes a nice girl to shitpost with though. I enjoy talking to her.

Second is a greek girl, 16 year old. Super annoying as fuck. Is virgin too. Has illegaly big tits but is sadly fat too. She sent tits I sent dick. She wants to sex me.
She annoys the fuck out of me for not responding to her messages every living fucking seconds. Calls me randomly. Told her to fuck off for the time being.

Third some turkish girl, 18 year old. Shes alright. Wants to smoke shisha with me but I hate that stuff and told her no I fucking hate that gay stuff. Also sent dick and since she wants to see me. Has some weird ass erdogan daddy issues though.

Fourth is some serb girl, 18 year old. Probably a whore. Shes uninteresting. Small petite, skinny body with large tits though. Wanted a dick pic, I didnt deliver though. She called me once randomly and just wanted to chat with me.

Fifth is a girl from yemen, 19 i think. Shes literally 10/10. Like these fit instagram girls. I thought shed be the one to sperm on. But i fucked up big time. Wasnt even my fault. Its a dead dream now.

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This is such a terrible feeling. How can Ark be "normie" friendly if I got boned this hard? I'm just going to try and forget this right now. I'm really freaking stressed. Hopefully Bittrex will fix this

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>sold 10k at 26 thinking it would immediately dip like normal
>bullrun just started
I fucked up big time. I got back in but I'm not happy about having 800 less Ark because I tried to play day trader.

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