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Lol nah it’s already pumped. Best way to get exposure to Cosmos ecosystem is buy the top low cap projects like Sentinel that will pump so hard. SENT is One of top projects in crypto on top SDK with best consensus algorithm and over 10k real users daily and growing exponentialy

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Because I play cycles. LINK has had its day, smart money got rich and fucked dumb money same with every single thing ever BTC and ETH included. Now smart money will ride sent and repeat, there’s a time to buy and a time to sell, we play cycles. Sent is the next mega wave. You cannot get emotionally attached anons. It’s simple. Buy low sell high. If you’re bleeding dry in other Alts while SENT is uptrending to BTC and BTC is uptrending to USD then you’re just dumb and standing in traffic! You have to have some exposure to SENT if you’re not me tally disabled

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Heres for the nostalgic relapses bois

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>thinking this won't moon hard when we hit Binance

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Musoffa is letting his baby go anon.

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This speaks for itself, the KING of crypto is around the corner, mainnet very soon

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