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Same, fren, same... Should've had bought some silver with my XRdoge airdrop, or maybe even a bike. Instead, I did nothing, thinking it would pump into 10c and make me a millionaire LMAO! Sold for 2k XRP and that was that. Makes me seeth

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This fucking Kalergi nigger... Why? Just why he is such a nigger and wants everybody to be a nigger? Fucking nigger... It's very hard for me not to wish hell upon his soul.

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We are never gonna see muh flare tokens, are we?

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No. I need to be more niggerish.

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I can't take this shit anymore, bros...

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The excitement and pump of the coin has literally PUMPED my boner to new levels. Knowing I'm going to make it makes me plan for the handful of virgin wives I'll be able to acquire. Hell, I might hire a crew and make a youtube/tiktok production out of it like an extremely misogynistic version of the bachelor. Imagine a whole season of an average guy talking to most shit on roastie American women to their face, kicking them off the show, while gorgeous virgin wholesome foreigners treat the man like a prince and also treat the American roasties like the whores they are. Lanieball in the flesh (what's her real name) would make an appearance in the show too. She'd of course think she's on celebrity bachelor/bachelorette or something, but BAM, gottcha bitch, it's 4chan IRL.

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