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So now that the Oracle thing was a bust, Whens the next happening? Any talks coming up?

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I earn or lose $400.
How about you?

BTW. Link 1K EOY

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sending loosh your way OP

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If you take the red pill you stay in meme land and I show you just how real the memes are

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>stoned linky here
I try to get a bigger pic of smartcontracts so here is a question. There is a high chance me overthinking it but anyway...
Q:Is it possible, that multiple partys like any number of individual car-insurance-takers can be connected to ONE SINGLE "centralized"Smartcontract that will be e.g. transfering $20k if conditions are met at an individual person's car that belongs to out of the group different insurance-takers?
>Shit, I am HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!

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ask not what chainlink can do for you but what you can do for chainlink. MARKET BUY ONLY, THE TRUE SPIRIT OF A MARINE

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thanks i didnt know only you had a chart

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and represents its true value since Binance opened for UDST and other stablecoins.
Look grandpa BTC shit his pants down to 3k again and L*I*N*K?
>Not dragged down like a whores slipper.

$1000 EOY2019

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Just think about it!

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And the major part of all posts are FUD -great!
That makes /biz/ a great place to stay and to stay informed about a masterpiece that will enable smartcontracts to work.
4chan/biz/ is cancer, period!

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Since I was offline for two weeks and this board is stuffed with FUD and SHILLS I need you to post real facts and news about the current developement of ChainLink.
Post it without any FUD or SHILL!

So far known facts to me are:

#New Logo is out (looking very clean)
#ROPSTEN is online
#Contracts work so far
#New Employee
Daniel Kochis - new Director Of Global Business Developement
Mark Oblad - new Head Of Operations
Wouter Limburg - works at Marel & SmartContract
([email protected] https://www.linkedin.com/company/marel?trk=ppro_cprof)

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I can't waaaaaaaaaaaaait any longer! Sergey keep handshaking the bosses like you used to, you do fine and the big guys like what you do. @Steve and @miracle-Tesla-guy and other stealthy coders in action - start coding faster with more lines and frequent updates. Take anything enhancing, take coffee intravenously if you need and make your fingers and mind as fast as lightning. We can't wait to see your baby in action and all the adopting parents that will show up out of nowhere to claim their rights of kuddeling with lil'linki!
LINK $1000 EOY 2018
Smartcontract buzzword!

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