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>You're literally listening to pop music for teenage girls and the most popular album of hers at that.

>You're unironically a normie.

This, /biz/ is apparently full of retarded normies that listen to pop music on their beats by dre they purchased with their lil bitcoin stocks

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If you need money, just let your dad fuck you in the asshole and charge him $10 each time. You'll have a few thou within a week

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The ratio is the problem. This generation of whites is not breeding at a replacement rate while others are. You are also right about immigration, and nothing will stop that. In 50 years, whites will be a minority in many of their homelands

I already responded to you here faggot, I am not a zoomer: >>29686535

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I thought you were at that event, it's a picture from the 2019 newfags meetup

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How did you hear about those projects before they mooned like that? Honest question. Every single thing I see here has already done a 2-3x the day before by the time I see it.
I run into dozens of projects each day that doubled in price since the day before. How the fuck do people find out about this before it happens? It drives me insane always being 1-2 days late to a pump

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I see the graph
Here is how market cap works:
The combination of all liquidity pools trading the token are aggregated, the backing currency is assessed for value, then the traded coin is valued by its ratio to the backing currency

i.e. 100 NIGGERCOIN -> 1000 ETH in a liquidity pool makes 1 NIGGERCOIN = 10 ETH = $17k
To make NIGGERCOIN double in value, you need 2000 ETH in the pool with the same 100 NIGGERCOIN in the pool

This means that you will need 5x the backing currency to 5x your market cap. That means you will need $4 billion worth of backing currency like BTC or ETH to be traded for KSM in order to 5x your money


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Rent a VPN, buy a bunch of 4chan passes, get some people together, choose a low MC, buy, make a bunch of memes, coordinate shill on all platforms, sell
You will do better than the ESLs that do the same thing, especially with real projects that are good but don't have traction
Only spilling my secret because I am done with this

I don't care, having friends is for normies anyways, 1 man shill is difficult

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It's funny how this UNPRECEDENTED PANDEMIC only seems to affect bottom feeders and button pushers isn't it?
Do you faggots ever stop and think about how all of the high-IQ skilled people have absolutely no threat of losing their jobs?
I'm sure it's because of a conspiracy against you, not because you are a useless eater.

I can't wait for universal basic income. It is going to turn you fucks into the cattle you are meant to be. You will finally stay out of the way of people that actually move society forward.

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Yes, I am implying that all PRQ holders are gay, low-test trannies

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I dad fucked your mother's anus son

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cope. daddy's calling your name tonight faggot
too bad you are too low IQ to do anything with your life

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kek this is coinmetro's bond dude, I highly doubt coinmetro is going to rugpull. At least I hope not, they have all of my bank account info, address, SSN, and photos of my driver's license.

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Thanks for the info you stupid nigger

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Jake is a bitch

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seething tranny

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Can someone tell me why anyone in the US would report their MetaMask wallet if it was totally disconnected from a central exchange?

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in the video you linked, ponytail beta male guy says he visits /biz/ regularly. In other words, there is virtually 100% chance that any thread (including this one) is created by him or one of his buddies
I invest a lot in crypto and stocks so I don't care about gambling a few hundred on memecoins, but don't kid yourself into thinking your project will make any real money

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Instead of being a fucking nigger, why don't you enlighten me on how I am "retarded"

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It seems like the project is good and the technology is sound, but it doesn't seem to be moving in price

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