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Prevent you from becoming rich. They don't want you in their club. Remember that quote from the great George Carlin: "It's a big club and you ain't in it!"

They'll deliberately shill the wrong coins to invest in, and they'll fud the correct coins relentlessly.

This is common knowledge to most on this board, of course. But take this as a fair warning to newbies and those not in the know.

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Seriously, every single job and every entrepreneurial opportunity that exists, I'm always too late for it.

I know the source of the problem on my end at least, which is lack of a social network. By the time I hear about all of these creative ideas ("learn to code bro", print on demand, dropshipping, amazon fba, etc.), I always wind up competing with millions of others who are thinking the same thing as me.

My question is, how do I find these underground communities online that come up with a creative entrepreneur niche before the normie masses hear about it and ruin it?

I'm seriously fucking sick of it. I'm trying everything I can to get myself out of this poverty shithole, and nothing ever fucking works.

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Before I hear 'WE HAVEN'T REACHED CAPITULATION YET!!!' or 'faggot kys', I need a real answer on this. Why is biz so toxic and doomish? Hell, even pic related wagies are generally happier and more hopeful than the average biz poster.

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During these dark times, many employers will become ultra shitty. They'll ban WFH to cause maximum pain and suffering. You can keep fleeing your office jobs in hopes to find WFH, but it'll be outright banned everywhere soon or the competition for WFH jobs will be too fierce. Pic related will be all of us soon.

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My boss just said no more WFH, starting next week. I guess I better start listening to Dave Ramsey everyday - back to investing in mutual funds and waiting 40 years to reach the promised land.

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Suck it up buttercup. Also, full return to office starting next week. Sitting in traffic is good for ya, back in our day we commuted 1 hour to the office and 1 hour back. I've got full pension guaranteed for my retirement, along with a 4M+ 401k. Looks like you millennials don't know how to plan for the long term. Crypto is just another dot com bubble burst. Time for you buttercups to listen to Dave Ramsey and learn the real ways of building wealth. Good luck waiting 40 years like all of us did.

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>Still chasing those crypto-bitcoins anon? Well have fun at work my man.

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33 y/o single wage slave here, I want to find the right investment to break free from this rat treadmill.

I have 280k cash saved after 10 years of corporate cucking, 110k in a pension fund, 61k in boomer ETFs. I want to invest a chunk of the cash in some crypto such that I can 100x and finally retire by 40. Got no debts.

I'm getting very conflicting feedback from friends regarding which crypto is the next 'moonshot' and not that I'd expect anything different from a south sudanese farm equipment forum but still wanted to try my luck and ask for your opinions

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