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idk what to do, honestly. I can get 5k bnt and even possibly margin it to 10k+. The chart looks good but it just doesn't care about BTC which worries me. Lads help me pls.

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Stop lying. They are have technical issues with all coins atm.
You motherfucking asshat. You think you found a secret biz formula right? Well guess what bucko its time to leave your moonboi rocket now and sit on this. People were saying the same shit as NEO, LTC, OMG. In fact OMG cult was almost as bad as LINK. But you moronic shithead decided to act smart and spill the same shit tier garbage over here. Hex outperformed all of your jackass coins. Fucking euros at this time.

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Man. This image. I just don't know anymore. I'm lost for words honestly. I know this is 4chan and you people spam desu and what not but that fucking image... Looking at those thumbnails I truly want covid to kill 50% of the population. What I saw today is even worse than checking replies to CZ/Binance tweets from all 3world Mudasirs, Moonboy fake profiles and Belarus Ivan wannabes.

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Same. I love how biztards get triggered over its price.

>$500 shitcoin, better buy arpa/kleros that shit will do a 2-3x at best

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>imagine rooting for CZ instead of Satoshi himself


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