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I'm here, fren. I pourded myself a drink, if that's alright.

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Tips on what? This may get you started.

Do you believe in the technology?
>100% HOLD in btc, eth, link
>fraction them yourself by how much you believe in them
>buy every dip
>put half of your salary into your portfolio
>let it grow
>google "s2f bitcoin", it is CERTAIN that bitcoin will grow as long as it can be mined
>big investors USA and China are buying at 40k~50k, you think they will not hold?

Do you just like the price volatility?
>50% in stablecoin (usdt, usdc, busd)
>50% in btc or eth for swinging
>control your emotions
>never greed
>never fear
>make a schedule, system, or strategy as in when will you trade, what condition will make you trade, how much will you trade, etc.

Do you like both?
>80% in btc eth link
>20% for swinging to accumulate more
>before swinging, made peace with yourself if it pumps after you sold, or dumps after you bought

One more thing, all other coins does not matter. Traders go into them so they can make profits to put the gains into BTC. In the end, BTC is the only thing that matters.

I may be able to save you some time lurking biz. These sentences, you might read them alot here;
>swingers get the rope
the more you trade, the higher the chances that you will make a grave mistake
>buy the dip faggot
Always buy cheap, never settle for expensive price
>sell the spike
Opposite of above point
>dca dca
When buying or selling, never do in big amounts or you will shoot yourself in the foot as in you might be wrong in that one move. Not everyone can provide the liquidity you need. Just don't be greedy or fear and you will be alright.

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I’ve made about 150k on rugpulls this year. Can I just report them as regular trading transactions on my taxes?

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I do snow removal and get paid for 40 hours no matter what. We have a pizza meeting tomorrow for an hour which is the entirety of my work this week. Weather is looking clear for next 2 weeks. Soon you officecucks will be forced to return, and I will continue to sit on my ass doing nothing like always.

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Gtfo nigger

Back to you fren

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I hope I made it on time, I am sure the announcement is of utmost importance

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Kek i will buy 500 RLC just for this post. Thanks for the chuckle, fren. Have a good one.

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I'm standing in the doorway between the inside and the outside. There is a possibility it will be announced!

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>diet XRP
Poster strikes again

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I was already planning on at least a year. If I'm still comfy in 2022 I will be even comfier in 2023.

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Blockfolio added FLR (iou) prices from Bitrue and Poloniex

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you need at least 10 to make it friend

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good evening fren. i am holding BTC, ETH, and GRT

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this right here

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How is this possible?
I already have 100k$ with 27 printing me like 700$ per quarter in divvies holy fk


yo anon you dont get yoyo its hipppie live in upper downtown you know its a must yoyo.
Turns off slang speech.
Yeah most of these women get a uslss degree in something, and then move to a city without any foundation relying on the family and daddys gibs.

These women are meant to be housewives but they fell for the modern life meme in cities, with 3 digit body counts and stuff.
Usually as a father i would unironically get to that apartment with those 6 girls and get my daughter out of there even with force if she stays unemployed for like 2 months.
At home i would either beat the living shit out of her when she doesnt become a housewife or works at the local mcD bringing some money into the family account.

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BNT also holding up well

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i have 7, can i join?

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Thanks frens, I am a College student and work part time, just trying to save some money by investing in crypto until I get an actual job in my field

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time to order some delivery with 0% tip

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I have the most normie portfolio you can imagine.
I've held, dca'd, bought the dips and I'm about to hit six figures. Feels good anons, feels good.

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thanks fren, I am planning on buying a few dollars more worth of xmr every month

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