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BTC and make 3x
Shitcoin and make 300x

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Okay, i'll put 1000 in.

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meant to post tits so i would get more responses

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Help me out /biz/ I plan on moving to an extremely rural area. Land is just too cheap out there. Right now I have a shitty CSR job which isnt terrible but be honest, what are the true comfy remote work positions?

Is the Google IT Cert a meme or is it actually usable? Really I just want more money and to stop talking to retarded people 80 times a day

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will Flare XRP Spark coins have eth gas fees ?

if it does why even fucking bother claiming it ?

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So I am farming sushi, but I don't really understand it. Can someone explain it to me idiot-proof? I provided liquidity for the sushi-ETH pair on zapper.fi, this got me some LP coins which I am staking on sushiswap. Since I am already staking for sushi gains, does this mean I can withdraw my ETH from zapper?

Also, someone mentioned you should hold 50-50 sushi-eth. Is this before providing liquidity, before farming, or at all times? Is there somewhere you can check your proportion non-manually?

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