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Are you saying Sergey Nazarov created XRP?

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Just have to be patient. Chasing pumps in a bull run is a dangerous game. I collected some ADA because there seems to be a trend where eth killers all pump together. I'm guessing that this is when lots of new money is coming into the space as they think they are "buying the next Eth for cheap"
It's a tale as old as time. They are buying into a narrative.
No one can know exactly what coins will pump at what time. That's why its important to just accumulate coins when they are cheap and under the radar. Or if you don't want to gamble on shitcoin pumps just stack coins with tried and true value (user base/network = value in crypto)
ADA could go higher, of course it is possible. This is all a game of odds. All I know is that the network has 0 users so it has 0 value. There are only promises. Smart people don't hold based on promises and hype. Also you are saying that I am making assumptions, but then you are assuming Elon Musk is going to post about ADA? Cmon now bud.
As for how I know ETH isn't outdated? Just look at any metrics of the network? You realize that super high gas fees are due to SUPER HIGH USAGE of the network
seriously man take a step back and look at it from a neutral point of view instead of looking at it from the view of an ADA bagholder.
Hey ADA could go to 1 trillion market cap, right? But something tells me the whales who accumulated for 2-15 cents cents last year may want to sell after it did 100x and the pump is purely based on hype.... just my guess. Coins that pump hard purely based on hype will dump just as quickly as the hype fades.
But who am I to say maybe whales don't mind a 60% drawdown because they can stake their ADA for 5% APR KEK

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thought I abandoned you?
Just shaking out all the newfags and nonbelievers before I make us all the new global elite.
t. Sergey

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Looking forward to our first Chad 30% candle in a LONG LONG time LETS GO MARINEEEEEES

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Hey anon, just wait a little bit and hear me out.
I know you are a no-coiner and are seething that you didn't make it in time for this bull run.
But the situation is not bad as you might think, we all were there (I wasn't).
Your feeling of resentment towards crypto is totally sane and explainable.
You see people earning money left and right, while you got the short end of the stick.
Tomorrow or any day of the week when you head to work, you will remember all the anons that will
never work a single day in their life. As you view your wagie-cagie you cannot but internally cry.
This internal pain fills you with agonizing hatred towards the people with good gains.
So you decide to lash out on the only platform where you actually have some sort of control over
your opinion (maybe not). What you just said maybe makes sense in your head,
but to us, be it an oldfag or not, your opinion is laughable and in actuality pretty retarded.
So in this self-induced psychosis you indulge yourself, looking maniacally at the charts
and posting screens of virtual currency that you don't even own. If this is not insanity
I don't know what else it can be. You had one chance to buy low and even that you
could not accomplish in your worthless life. You let a chance of literal free money
pass in front of you, some people are indeed meant to be poor. This is how life is,
for someone to win, someone else needs to lose, if we all win, no one wins at all.
The reason I'm telling you this is not because of disdain to you or your sub 80 IQ.
No, not at all, I'm telling you this because I truly consider you a friend and a part
of our investment community that is located on this Vietnamese fishing forum.
You still have a chance, the bottom is still going to appear and you will,
like everyone else here, for once in your pathetic life win at something by doing
absolutely nothing. Cheers anon, keep your head up and remember, we are all in this together.

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aight nigga so u know how dem jewish niggas be screwin niggas over on they record deals n sheeit, so u can use a smart contract to git yo music strait out to yo real niggas and cut out deem greedy jews namsayin

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Chase a dip
Never swing a LINK

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1.0 BTC. Even my infant child owns more btc than 99% of the world. She will also inherit a fat stack of stinky linkies and LP because IM NEVER FUCKING SELLING. Not trying to demoralize just reminding anons that we are on the cusp of another exponential rise. BTC, ETH and LINK are going to change the world. Dont mess this up frens. See you at the yatch party

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It's all about the Cayman islands

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>$400k all in LINK
Feels fucking good

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Lying about locked liquidity. Devs also gave infinite mint function.


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McDonalds, Mainnet
McDonalds, Mainnet
Rep the stink
Gotta rep the stink
Chase a dip
Never swing a LINK
Pants off
Fuck it, pants off
Pants off
Fuck it, pants off

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I left this shithole for a year. I have returned. What the fuck is going on, there's major 2017 vibes with these utter shitcoins doing 1000%. OG LINK holder btw, first 100 people, AMA.

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Chase a dip
Never swing a LINK

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Chase a dip
Never swing a LINK

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