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It was at .11 and then went up to .13 and then somebody dumped it to .12

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yeah they are so decent that they've been banned from pretty much every single country through history..

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What would the market look like right now if Ethereum was built into Bitcoin like it could have been?

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>muh business board
keeps posting in a thread that doesn't have anything to do with business. Why aren't you leaving this thread, kike? What business are you actually discussing in this thread that we impede? Oh wait, you're only here to do damage control.

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yeah goy, people hate the jews cause they are jealous. They've also been expelled from 109 countries cause of jealousy as well. The jews are these successful Chads that everyone gets jealous of and not the subversive cockroaches everyone knows they are.

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Also, biz needs flags like /pol/ so we can see who is hating on whom.

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req FUD is paid for

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So this is the jews right? We've been getting rich without their usury for too long.

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I would be more concerned about why a board on fucking 4chan is so concerned about political correctness all of a sudden. Is it because /biz/ draws niggers that want to get rich quick and jews that mass coordonate shill operations here on a daily basis? I've seen you faggots in the past months trying to turn this already shit board into fucking reddit. The problem is you are many and I don't know where the fuck did you come from, cause sure as shit you're not from around here.

Now fuck off!

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Let me ask you this /biz/: If Bitcoin is about freeing ourselves from (((banks))) primarily, then how come banks have invested in Blockstream? This means they now own a key part of it, no?

Isn't that what unites all of us?

So then, can someone explain how this is came to be? How can we continue to sell Bitcoin as an alternative to (((banks))) when they have heavily invested in it? They OWN part of it.

Anyone? I'd be really delighted to hear your opinion on this.

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What are you gonna do when the bubble pops?
Lets say it pops tomorrow and you lose 95% of everything you have in crypto right now.

Do you kill yourself?

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don't believe this faggot, OP
most of us on /biz/ are from /pol/
There's just some vocal anti-pol retards that try to make it seem we're in the minority.
This is our board now.

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another faggot that thinks /pol/ is a minority on FUCKING 4CHAN.

you better believe in /pol/ threads, you're in one.

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