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roasties with long nails can't function effectively in the kitchen

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you're a fucking idiot comparing things that aren't comparable. you don't even understand why they are incomparable. moron. hope you get corona and infect your parents and everyone you care about.

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Find that rep and kick his ass. Jesus fucking christ you subhuman californians are pussies.

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>Precious Metals: 30%
>Crypto: 20%
>Gold/Silver Miners: 18%
>Other stocks: 2%
>Cash: 30%

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why do they do this, when it's just blatantly obvious that it's 100% wrong
>diversity is a weakness and races live in separate areas always
>women aren't strong and can't carry shit like a man
>trannies are mentally ill and commit suicide all the time
when will they all start telling the truth?

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What are you talking about, it's literally right on where the flash crash occured.

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>wow gold to real money

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>You just need infinite money

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>literally vibrating out of joy

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>But for real, non-retarted investment and finance ideas, you should probably go to r/wallstreetbets or r/personalfinance

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I don't care about your antifa auti microaggresion bullshit

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> FLO has been around for ages unlikely to pump LTO style
> he doesn't know
kek you should look it up in 1-2 days

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>his life is ruined.

>5 years from now.
>'Hey you remember that kid who sued CNN for $250 million?'
>'Did he win?'
>'Where is he now?'
>'Idk, but look at this literal nazi they reported about last week who blinked at the trans robot crocodile-sexual!'
>'In a second, where is the maga kid now though?'
>Fuck, idk man. Just drop it already and help me make america fight nazis again.'

Do you remember Larry Howzer's $10 million lawsuit from 2009? Me neither...

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You remember the MITX whale from yesterday? He just sent 400k worth of MITX to hitbtc. Get rekt faggots


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>Big 3

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>implying we would go to a shitty party like that
>implying my gf would let them do that

If you don't want to take out the trash, don't date it.

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Don’t buy anything now
We bear now

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>save 40k by end of college*

How? I need to see proof . Also, were you born in a mother + father houshold ?

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>find mirror in food store
>better take a selfie
state of roasties in 2018

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