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no but you can certainly piss in their keyhole and shit where they will sit or step

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how do i remain humble? my normie friends made me feel like i was a fucking retard for years and years and now they feel like the fucking idiots for not believing me when I tried to help them, and I kind of resent them for it. i spent so many nights depressed as fuck over the way they made me feel

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Oh shut the fuck up Leslie I am a v1 BagHolder and lost over 40k to the brick. I stayed and supported and as a community we rebuild it going forward.

USD/SHARE/XBOND is the trifecta that is a legitmite competitor to DAI in the future. (Share being the speculative vechicle like MKR so bag that)

Admin will pay us back out of team funds and for anybody that stuck around we just got a moon. so please be quiet before you make up fud and if you want to chat with us directly, come into the chat.

kthx bb

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Dollar protocol.

TLDR: Rebase, but with two tokens. And lots of big brain ways to earn $


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