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I already lost 80% of my net worth

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>gamble lose money
>buy crypto lose money
>buy stocks lose money
>buy PM lose money
I think I'm cursed. How do I get rid of this curse and start making money? It's making me very sad. I make six figs but only have a couple thousand in the bank. All my investments are down big.

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It was fun goodbye guys

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Newfag here. How much money a week do you usually make from your crypto portfolio?

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Here's my story of following Boomer advice

>boomer dad convinces me to learn a trade
>go to HVAC school and be told they would practically hand me a job after graduating
>graduate with all certs
>get no job offers for nearly 2 months even though i applied everywhere
>eventually get one and Boomer owner gives me the "pay your dues" rundown
>tells me straight out i will be yelled at and will have to buy all my tools and safety equipmemt while making slightly less of a Bezos wagie
>get an IT job making more money than what I was offered in HVAC

Here's another one

>be 2011
>dad found a place for me to work
>we drive literally an hour to some ghetto burger joint next to a fucking bridge
>boomer dad tells me this is a great opportunity and i have to start somewhere

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Is wagecucking actually stupid? And I mean wagecucking with a good salary. There is so much food in the US everyone is obese. It's not like we are running low. A lot of the time I just feel kind of dumb even though I'm doing a highly skilled job that only smart people can do. Like time is flying by when there is all this food and buildings around.

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I went to pornography site last night for 3dpd and there was a suspicious frequency of black women in the featured videos. Normally there are few to zero black women in the popular videos because nobody wants to watch that.

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That's not a stupid question at all. This is something important to learn. Large portfolios are liquidated indiscriminately in during index bearish break. In hapoened in March and you can see the effects on overwhelming majority of charts. If total market has a break down you should sell EVERYTHING no matter what the TA is. Even recession resistant stuff like electric and water utilities sold off in March. So yes, toss the TA in that scenario. Go short if you wish or wait for signs of short term reversal off a presumed bottom to go long again.

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Why do billionaires never invest in researching the cool stuff like warp drives, portable fusion reactors, anti matter drives, energy shields, holographic displays and flying cars?

Instead they would rather give away all their money to Africa when they die or keep $32 trillion locked up in offshore tax havens.

I guess Elon Musk is trying to get us to Mars with SpaceX and all that. But he's just one guy and there are thousands of billionaires who are not interested.

Do they lack imagination or is there something more sinister as to why they don't put their trillions of dollars to work by transforming us into a space faring interstellar empire?

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>get emails and letters from CEOs of all the major brokers I’m invested with
>telling me to stay calm
This is the end times isn’t it /biz/? Capitalism is finished.

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>tfw boss swore at me the other day
>called me a fucking idiot along with other creative uses of the f word
why does the f word sound based when used online but if someone uses it on you in real life it cuts deep into your soul /biz/?

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>post something depressing on /biz/
>immediately get bombarded by boomer type reactions like “stop being a pussy”, “man up fgt” etc
Pretty sure all of these are 3rd worlders and pajeets. Why do they act like such boomers with no empathy /biz/?

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>be me
>be neet for 2 years
>apply to over 500 jobs
>just about to give up and kms
>suddenly get a job offer from some rich mommy business owner (despite bombing the interviews)
>pay is way above min wage ($80k + bonus)
>regularly brings me to important meetings with fairly powerful and rich people
>takes me out to lunch at fancy restaurants
>asks me private stuff but I try to remain professional and keep the topic about work
>have a weird greetings exchange ritual whenever we see each other at work i.e. have to say something original and not "good morning or how are you"

I'm scared /biz/. wtf did I get myself into? at the moment im just focusing on work, but i got this feeling that im being groomed by her. for what, i don't know yet because I am pretty much given preferential treatment at work.

I just want to go back to being a neet and watch anime and play vidya again...

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No seriously how do I. I make $250k a year as a FAANG fag and I want to just get away from all normies and start a new life

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I can't take it anymore, frens. Crypto is making me bipolar, and I've not been happy since 2018. You guys make it big for me... I probably won't be alive by end on the month. Goodbye biz

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Goodbye fren

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>tfw I didn't buy some BSV
I'm not gonna make it, bros. I'm so tired of being poor

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