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What else is exciting and/or upcoming?
- Already existing partnerships with Woodfine Capital Projects (who has developed properties such as Walmart, Empire Group (developing Cocobay in Danang, Vietnam, a luxury tower with footballer Cristiano Ronaldo as spokesperson), and Nam Hai (developing Marine City). You may not have heard of these unless you’re in the real estate development world, but these are billion dollar partnerships.
- An upcoming 1:1 airdrop in which all holders will get a free Relex Health investment token, signaling their new partnership with Aura Health, a company that holds the patent to Aura Inhale (which holds a patent on inhalable Viagra) – other partnerships and patents pending
- Current exchange listings on IDEX (of which the downtime has hurt trade volume), EtherDelta/ForkDelta, Stocks.Exchange, Sistemkoin, and the newly launched Nebula Exchange
- A likely upcoming exchange listing on HitBTC
- An expansion to Vladivostok, Russia; Vladivostok Is a port city near Korea, China, and Japan. It is also known as the cryptocurrency capital of Russia, chosen as the center for two Russian government crypto agencies
- Despite its small size, Relex has a very active community in Telegram, Discord, and a SubReddit.
- Relex currently has under a $10,000,000 marketcap despite having an enormous investment portfolio and an established parent company – the potential for growth is huge
- Relex has 2 billion tokens total and runs on the ERC-20 network.
- With FINRA approval, the coin would also launch crowdfunding, which would allow even smaller investors to make guaranteed % return investments in real estate or in healthcare

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