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>it's not secure!
>meanwhile LINK whales, known to be autistic and very protective of their linkies are trusting 220m+ on bancor, not to mention the other 800m of liquidity on the platform
>half a dozen audits done on their contracts since summer 2020
>the team literally developed the protocol that became the AMM ie Uniswap

lol ok

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There is pertinent info here:



Now from what I remember hearing, they are only implementing the first part of Vortex at this stage, where the vBNT becomes the leveraged token to staked BNT, the pool for vBNT/BNT staking is open and vBNT can be used to trade/unlock BNT stakes.

The second part, with the introduction of the protocol wide fee and burn, is slated to roll out when (live) testing of the part one is complete. Not sure exactly where I saw this (can't find it now) but I believe Bancor Vortex will fully roll out in 1-2 months. I'll try to find the exact plan and get back to you.

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Bancor outpacing some big names in terms of revenue generation all of a sudden. ~120m in annualized revenue, ~600m cap. Even in legacy finance that is a great P/E ratio.

Is it happening?

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Anyone else see this?

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