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>Juns father, japanese crimelord.

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Jun looks baller in this pic.

Hes like, how can I be a financial superpower in a short time?
Realizing he can fulfill that in the same timeframe in Japan he decides to move his plans to Thailand.
There he can gain influence over the government and banks.
Make sure all the money flows through him.

Hes a real strategic fucker.
God bless him.

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Its easy to get pulled in by all the bullish news and I try my best to remain objective and diversified in my portfolio.
A lot of people in /biz are just sheep following the latest hype which 9 out of 10 times turns out to be a shitcoin (turtlecoin comes to mind).

With that said.
Omg seems such an amazing risk/reward future investment.
This talk where they said they wanted to create tethers of more national currency's is fucking huge imo.

Currently I'm 28% of my portfolio in OMG.
If the technicals turn as bullish as the current future outlook I might go balls deep in this bitch.

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Your portfolio tells me you are greedy for quick gains.
Thats a nice chunk of money and it makes me said to see it spread out on shitcoins which some names I havent even heard of.

If you want safe solid gains pick higher market cap coins and only allocate small amounts in shitcoins.
That way if the low market cap coins go down the shitter you are not ruined.

My portfolio is currently

1250 omg ~33%
1,5 btc ~30%
15 eth ~18%
150 neo ~15%
46 gas ~4%

This is a long term hodl portfolio.

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