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Basically I'm just not gonna stop fudding is all (the link token!!)
I'm sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know..... UGH I know.....
It's just that I'm gonna keep fudding, is all

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>i guess you're stuck here fulltime every day still
Quite the Freudian slip huh. Yes, you are stuck here full time every day. Hopefully you're atleast getting paid by chainlink labs. Can't imagine doing damage control for FREE. Kek linktranny jannie baggie!

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Link submarines because their portfolios are sinking underwater

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This has to be bait.. Or you are just an 82 iq retard
That chart literally shows theyve made 100k total. Their daily revenue is like 300 bucks
kek baggies!

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Nice buy order link whale

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Today we are here to witness another future link fudder being born.
This fags 80k will turn into 20k and then he will start seething and blaming /biz/ and link for his financial ruin.

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>ad hominem

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