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whats the cost per coin at 1 billion mcap?

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Am I really gonna buy GME before the close....

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OP pic is so true. I never understood the "hedge" bullshit. You limit both upside and downside. If you don't believe in your choices simply allocate a smaller sum of money, outcome will be the same as with the hedge.

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I panic dumped my 900 weeklies when it dropped to 820. I'm such a retard but my FOMO 880 call is easing the pain.

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>shit CPI
>BTC pumps
nigger wtf

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If you missed the dogcoin madness you can join this one now

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>Portfolio green for the majority of days
>When it's green it's up 5%
>When it's red it's down 0.5-1%
This doesn't feel right, I'm making a lot of money and this never happens
What exactly is happening behind the scenes?
Is leverage in the system increasing or is everyone expecting the fed to drown the market in a tsunami of liquidity as soon as possible?

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me me me me me

God, I really wanna buy a 1DTE SMCI call in the event Broadcom crushes earnings. So stupid, if they miss and it dumps it'll be like setting money on fire. Literally theta decay will work me even if it stays sideways.

Something tells me to though.

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NVDA 885C and AVGO 1465C weeklies. 5 grand in weekly calls, I've never had that many before. Let's gamble.

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Thank you biz bros, I actually got in early for once and grabbed a bag last inght

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>Carvana will not occupy 292,000 sq ft office building in Tempe, AZ

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>your two choices are a guy who has a tendency to overpromise but is outspoken against CBDCs versus a guy who refuses to answer anything about CBDCs and whose administration has a storied history of targetting the crypto industry and getting in bed with banks

gee whiz really hard decision here

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Why would you want an RS3? There are so many better options.
>I just want an RS3
And then what? Owning an RS3 isn't gonna make you happy. Maybe if you sold it and spent the money on sex tourism and cocaine instead. Then you'd be truly happy.

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There's no guarantee we ever enter a bull market or hit ATH's again

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I also have SCHG and OEF. What's your alternative?

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Ehh, you can tell a normie "have a good weekend" on a Tuesday and they wouldn't even blink. You're probably fine. Not that they'll hire you. But otherwise fine.

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You can kinda practice by adding the option to your options watchlist. It will track the profit and loss as though you placed the order at the time. So, it is kinda like paper trading it, until you get a better idea of what you wanna do.

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If you're a real entrepreneur type person, the feeling never goes away
So don't tie up money into things that are illiquid, because there will come days where you need to pull a few grand out of your ass hole and if all you have is a 401k then you're gonna pay the retarded tax on it to withdraw part of it early, making the "tax-free when you're a million years old" pointless anyway

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>get degree
>apply for entry level 0-2 years of experience jobs
>millions of women and pajeets apply for the same jobs
>never get job
>take jobs which you can get without the degree
>people tell you it's fine because of the 'college experience'
>ask retarded questions like 'when are you going to get married' and get mad when you tell them to fuck off

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Another level on the top or the bottom of the pyramid?

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I recently decided I would live at least part time in the wealthy areas of different cheaper countries
If buying a shitbox in a dogshit suburb is unobtainable then what other choice do you have? I see people bitch about this all the time but never see people suggest actions to take

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