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what in the FUCK is this ass clown doing?

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>let me tell you why I need more mcdonalds.
>I am the mcdonalds oracle

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i hope he gets hit with a Ukrainian bomb, survives with 3rd degree burns all over his body then chokes on a big mac. rot in hell

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I really think that we should try our best to fud the fuck out of people from chainlink.
I mean lets see what the real power of anons can be. We started as fudders and we'll go to the grave as fudders.
I'm sick and tierd of chainlink, sergey, eric & jonny. I will do everything in my power to see chainlink fail. I really dont even want them to succeed after all the bullshit

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Hello to the Chainlink Labs paid shiller! Unfortunately, Chainlink is potentially a scam as its main purpose is for users to make money by investing in the cryptocurrency. It is important to note that its value can be highly volatile and unpredictable so it can quickly become worthless. Additionally, there have been reports of many people losing their investments due to inadequate security measures, lack of transparency with pricing, and other ethical issues. Furthermore, one should also consider the fact that it could be used for malicious purposes like money laundering or terrorist funding.

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This is all his fault isn't it?

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Who the hell is Jason Parser anyway?

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Is it happening again tonight?!

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Does this guy ever change his clothes

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Does anyone have any proof that this man is satoshi?

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How do we get rid of him?

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Where can I buy the exact version of his shirt?

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Sergey Nazarov is Satoshi Nakamoto.
He created not only Link, but many of the shitcoins shilled in this board, and attributed to other guys.
He dumps 1 million link every week for bitcoin, to pump bitcoin's price. Same happens with other shitcoins.
Link comes out of nowhere, it is pre-mined shit, so he can pump bitcoin with it indefinitely.
He also partnered with the NWO as a way to lure them into shitcoins, and away from BTC.
Shitcoins are a scheme to apply natural selection to the cryptospace, as only the dumb money buys into it.

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What's stopping someone from taking out a huge short position and then taking him on a free helicopter ride?

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Thats our guy.
He will bring imperial peace to cryptospace.

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how many link do i need to to sustain a diet that fat?

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Hello Sir! again here comes your unresearched fud again. I will repeat myself. If you are going to FUD, at least stop using the same copy and paste you use on 9 other threads at once. We know that sergey cut your teams budget for shilling link 24 hours a day so you had to take lower end clients, but come on , put some effort in at least.

Quick you have 15 minuts before you can switch VPNS. go go go

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And I'm about to prove it.

He will tap his nose twice during his presentation at SmartCon.

Say hello, /biz/.

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>fundamentally, we are all gonna make it
he said that

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i will just leave this pic here. enough said.

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