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Et voila

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Shit imma need that $60.
Grab me some mooooore

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I grabbed some kadena a couple months ago and have seen over a double return already, and it's got a long way to climb still.

Thinking about buying a miner for Kda specifically but haven't made the leap yet...

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holy shit post more

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Started last week and already up $80, seems to be pretty easy, but I'm an idiot so I cant say for sure

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Crabbing at 50 indefinitely would only destroy the overarching shill narrative that it's gonna drop to 0.
So you guys WANT it to drop, otherwise people are gonna start calling bullshit, then shorts get called out and the price skyrockets.
They not only can't financially deal with it forever, it will go against the media narrative propping them up saying it's going to go down, with shit saying that as soon as today.
So please, Crab for another week.
Lose Billions.
We are waiting Mel babe. How much money you got left in that account?

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Still holding.

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Bought 766 shares at .035 a few days ago, its neat watching a meme make me money, even if it's a small amount, being a poorfag I'm just in it for shits and giggles

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Yeah, we're gonna make it. Just give it some time.

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t. wants to get in for less

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I downloaded it two days ago

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hey i'm gonna tear myself away from the screen and go do some homework. someone else will have to bake the next thread


exciting times!

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Heh, spending crypto on transactions is a taxable event frendo. Make sure you keep records. Nothing personal.

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post more flatware

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look at my post number

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Butter me up lad

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