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why is Windows showing me the price of USDT

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i have a crippling nicotine addiction.
how do i profit from this

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it only keeps dumping because i haven't sold

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Looks pretty trustworthy, thanks anon

I know right? It's fucking retarded. I've got like 10K BUSD on there I need to swap over.

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>Convince me that the whole system, everything, is not just a massive ponsi scheme.
I can't.

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the only bao in my life is a baofeng handheld chinese radio that lets me hear the racial slurs on shortwave.

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I won't

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Was a BTC maxi from 2018 till 2020
Now I own 900 chainlink

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Tezos is utter shit. It's been at 2.80 cents all week. Fuck that shitcoin.

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>tfw accidentally convinced my gf to get sterilised and then broke up with her
I didn't actually want her to get sterilised. but I thought it was funny as a joke to make a fake 'x-ray' which was an old printer with a lamp wrapped in foil supeglued to the top with a couple of socket plugs attached for good measure. pretended to x-ray her (she had a learning disorder) and showed her a photoshop of rats eating her womb, so she gotsterilised to avoid kids. felt bad but whatever.

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this market is retarded

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i get what you say.


you are coping saying that, coping with the fact that you cant be happy right now. Its a sad cope. Its the copest copes saying if im rich i will be happier or if i have bigger dick i will be happy.

No, you wont. Its a delusion. Im not saying its right or wrong to want it, im saying there is no escape to suffering if we continue wanting to not suffer, which is logical and dumb at the same time. Obviously i dont want to suffer, but if i want not to suffer im saying i wont be happy until i stop suffering, putting you in a double eternal suffering.

Only 2 people know the secret to life, those who have desired too much, and those who have suffered too much.

'' I would be happy too if i made 160k a year''

remember, the game was honked from the beginning

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Does anyone else feel that?

Something big is happening

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god damn bros I just want a gf that I can smell up close, but a kinda cute one like just not fat is ok

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how to budget?

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