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pick two nigger faggot pajeets

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>maintenance takes care of my shit
>grannies tend the yard and do work with flowers and keep the place looking like from a magazine
>neighbors don't make any sounds or if they do it's really nothing
>split cost living for maintenance

Sure I pay a bit more than if I had my own house but there is literally no stress. Also there are no niggers living in my apartment building so that's why it's so nice. I know if I had to live with niggers the place would probably look like shit and it would be unlivable. Apartments can be great, if there's no niggers unironically.

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That's it

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Tired of this doomerfag jerking off. What point does this kike doomer shit even serve? To prep us somehow? Or what?

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>store of value

yeah nah

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>But then I'll say this to you instead if its more to your liking:
>You're right, Kleros is great, its totally organic shilling and everybody recommending it has your best intentions in mind, and their evidence and reasoning is overwhelming and divine.
>Please do indeed put your money into this wonderful project.

If you replace Kleros in your text does any crypto fit your description? Mate what the fuck are you even doing in this whole scene? It's full of scams, you just need to scam others to make money. No such thing as real working product when we are talking with cryptos at the moment. There are only a handful of shit that really works atm.

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Usecase seems niche but they have shit going on for them and shills so I'm betting to increase my money on this. Just purely memetic energy right here.

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I have 85% of my money in S&P500 and rest is gold&silver. Anything else I should buy? I rather not buy any stocks because in my country the fees are fucking insane and my trades usually end me losing money and losing to index in the long run. I also got some suicide crypto stacks but it's not relevant to this topic.

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Why is the dollar getting weaker vs euro? I'm hedged in US treasury bonds as an eurofag and I keep losing money because the USD is getting weaker. What gives, I thought hedging some of my money in dollar would be smart but doesn't seem like it.

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I wanted to buy this like month ago or something but the tokenomics don't fucking make sense. I mean the token is needed on the backend but why the fuck would the team buyback tokens from exchanges from the individuals "investing" into the project? It just doesn't make any sense. The buyback mechanism etc is all fucking useless. The team could just use their erc-20 without any investors and thrive with their business. Why would I need to buy the token from the exchange? Nobody fucking answered me this and I asked it like dozen times.

>get a customer
>customer pays in FIAT
>then apparently vidt team goes into kucoin and market buys tokens???
>team holds millions of token and they gain millions of tokens back from the transactions
>team "burns" tokens because of ??????????
>token has a value for $ but customers pay fixed amount because they pay for a service, customer never gets tokens because team handles them

Answer me, why would I or anybody else buy this token? What does it DO for me?

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Because they are sociopaths either way so they lack any empathy and probably only get hard irl by watching dog feces on the side of the road or something.

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>give niggers XLM
>"hey, we dun need da bank anymo"
>nigger proceeds to buy more XLM with his poverty tier currency which XLM is easily capable of converting via different routes
>niggers buy XLM at market price because they don't understand even what the fuck they are buying
>XLM gets pumped by millions of niggers

Can anyone seriously tell me why this would be bad for the token? I mean you must be RETARDED if you don't understand how the flow of money works. Retards purchasing some commodity drives it price up. Do the math faggot boys.

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Who knows man? It has circulating supply of 100 billion but the market it targets is huge and I see potential in this. Q1/2018 the android version of the app is coming and people already like this product.

I believe we will be seeing good numbers in Q2 but it needs other cryptos or people might abandon the concept as blockchain is as good as the news from it.

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