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Some people on biz talk about making it by getting rich, but they couldn't be more wrong.

If you didn't make out with a cute virgin at sub-15 you will never truly have made it because that'a step one. Most if not everyone on here are still stuck there.

Feeling her breath, the innocent moaning, her soft skin, her lips. If you didn't get the honor to pick a young virgin girl's flower, nothing else will matter. Having sex with a 20 year old will mean nothing to her. She'll pretend like she's enjoying it if she has something to gain but at that point she has deprecated.

This is why men become pedophiles: to experience what they missed in their youth. They too realize they will never make it but they keep chasing it and keep try to fill that void.

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>dca'd into btc at 28k

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I'm a courier driver. I make $10k/month. I need $20k to bail my brother out from jail. Making money is all that matters.

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I have finally accumulated my autism 32 ETH and 10K LINK stack. Originally thought I'll have to wage for another year living like the oatmeal anon to do so, but ARB did it for me instead.
Sold 15.5K ARB at $1.47. And I sincerely hope the rest of you get to sell ARB way higher, I just couldn't miss the opportunity to finally get my autism numbers in. Now I no longer care what the market does, I am complete my accumulation is done. Thank you /biz/, thank you God.

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I made this thread

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That's a pretty oilright physique.

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Just bought the dip earlier at 26k. That was the last dump of this bull run, we are going to 30k by next week. Boboniggers are going to get ran over hard.

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I would finally acquire intercourse with a female homo sapien

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Well it's about crypto. Isn't making it a part of it all? I'm here to be an example for you guys!


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Making means finding your crush at 14 years of age, getting high grades so you can pick whatever job you want, finding the ideal job that pays a lot and you enjoy. Making it means your soulmate and you get kids before 23 years of age such that youe kids grow healthy from young parrents. Making it means you retire before 30 and travel the world and work if you want. You work out, have hobbies and most importantly don't browse biz.

If you don't have these checked you're ngmi.

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Yeah how abiut you kys and read the coindesk RH expose article like all the other sheep once I've done the work by myself in 1 month from now.

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I quit smoking. I switched to cofffee and if I drink a lot, I get the same buzz. It's like I get free cigarettes. I make my coffee at home. I'm going to stack up on SHIB now.

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A reminder the original image of this had rockets and a moon in it. 3 hours after releasing said image it was then changed to remove these items. On a weekend.

I'm thinking WAGMI. Also checkem.

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My dad is buying me a house. I'm going to rent it out and collect rent.

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If I'm investing in RE, should I be a tradie or a realtor?

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It's worth about $3m near the sea. I can't wait to rent it out and become a rentoid. I have never been capable of holding a job and I dropped out of school to play video games, so this is a lifechanger for me. I'm 24 and I basically went from 0 to hero. Rest in piece auntie!

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I quit smoking. I am on the road to financial freedom. Feeling comfy.

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>moved my money to rupees and keeping it on mumbai bank account

I am safe now it is now with the most trustworthy people on the planet

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What are you doing to prepare for this year? Are food prices going back up?

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Should I be Plumber or NEET? I'm investing in RE.

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>jerome is pumping rates hard enough that I can afford the rural trailer home to attract wagie aspie gf to have sexoo with

This decade is looking up we are gonna make it my fellow autistic white bois.

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After a long and arduous year, I have decided that I want to be a plumber.

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And you will be happy

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